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Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.: The G-spot in men and the Philippine presidency
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There is little we can say in favor of men; yeah, they don't flush let alone raise the toilet seat or bathe as often as they must; they pull out nose hairs for the intense pain and pleasure; and they steal but will not work when they enter public office; unlike women who are hardworking, honest and smart.  

But the one thing men don't do is cost very much, in terms of science on their source of sexual pleasure. Women on the other hand are a great expense in that and in other respects. Heck, they take most of your paycheck when you’re just dating and all of it when you marry them.  

Now a US gynecologist claims he has physically found, as opposed to theoretically assumed, the existence of the G-spot, the point of most intense sexual pleasure in a woman. Examining the cadaver of an 83 year-old female, he said he found a tiny sac in her genitals and that is the G-spot.

The reaction of the research community - imagine, it is a field of study - was instant and hostile. Critics asked, Why, did you touch the spot and ask the cadaver if it felt particularly good? And why ask an 83-year-old cadaver? When it was alive at that age it didn't want anymore of that kind of fun. I mean, just to get it when she was young, she had to hitch herself for life to a guy who snored afterwards. And it gets worse as they age and grow fat.   

It may also be, other scientists said, that some women have it and some do not, so some may get more and others less pleasure from the act. And how is that different from asking a normal woman and a nymphomaniac?

And what is this spot and why all the fuss over it? With or without the spot, a woman hitting the sack with a man will throw the man out if he doesn’t satisfy her. It’s not like the man can say, “Hey, you must have enjoyed it, you have a G-spot.”

But sex is like the weather: either it is sunny or showering; raining or not; you get it right or you do not; and the only one in a position of authority to say it is the woman. Sex is also like the presidency. You can bungle the job when you bother to do it at all but if survey after survey says the people like it, why then you have done a good job, you have hit the public G-spot. The presidency can screw the country. Most times the country appears to like it. That doesn't mean you are not screwing it, but, hey, no one’s complaining; far from it.

It is different with men, there is no need to look around their person; they have no specific G-spot. They are G all over, from top to toe and all around; the sexual trigger is sort of like G-O-GRAPHICAL, planetary, complete with tectonic plates. Any halfway attractive woman touches any part and the man starts shuddering and shaking; you may even get volcanic activity if he is not too old but don’t expect too much pyroclastic; that’s only in porn.

Indeed, men are uncomplicated; okay, call them simple if you want; but they make no fuss and in that department a little is a lot.