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Estrada votes to convict Corona
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MANILA, Philippines - Senator-judge Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada voted to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona on Article II as the impeachment court rendered a verdict on Day 44 of the historic trial.

Estrada, eighth in the line of senators called upon to declare and announce their vote, said he could not accept the defense explanation of "good faith" in Corona's exclusion of huge chunks of his assets from his SALN, because "the chief justice is a learned man."

He described the impeachment of Corona as a "redemption" for the country and the democratic process, because it had once, 11 years ago, failed in the case of his father, then-President Joseph Estrada. His trial was aborted by the walkout of prosecutors, and because it is clear now, said the senator, that the issues were meant "to be resolved in the streets" right from the start. "In my eyes, he is guilty," Estrada concluded.