PRECINCT FINDER: Use the Net to find out where to go on Election Day
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NOTE: People are reporting difficulty in accessing the Comelec Precinct Finder since Sunday, and according to initial queries with the Comelec EID, technical problems are apparently being encountered owing to the sheer volume of people trying to access it at the same time.

MANILA, Philippines - If you are busy and cannot go to an election office to verify your registration record and to find out where exactly you can cast your vote during elections, the Commission on Elections has created a Precinct Finder for you.

The page is intended to provide an additional way of verifying the status of a person’s voter registration record (VRR), without going to the local election office.

All it needs to know is one’s full name and date of birth, as provided by the voter when the application for registration was filed.

The Precinct Finder may be found at

The Comelec stresses, however, that the page is not meant to have the final say on who may or may not participate in the coming elections.

“The information as made available here is based on data as received from our field offices nationwide,” the Comelec website said.

It said that Comelec field offices make the necessary updates on the registration records, based on the Rules and Regulations set forth by the Commission en banc.

“Having said that, we just want to reiterate that the PRECINCT FINDER only intends to give guiding information so that voters may know what specific actions to take before the last day of the registration period prior to an election," the Comelec said.

The poll body also said the data used by the PRECINCT FINDER is as updated only as the latest data that Comelec received from the field.  

“We only expect to receive new updates after every scheduled hearing of the Election Registration Board (ERB), which happens only four times a year, or quarterly,  unless otherwise ordered by the Commission en Banc.”