7 election campaign rules in 'red zones' in southern Mindanao

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MANILA, Philippines – The New People’s Army (NPA) operating in southern Mindanao has issued its own election policies for poll bets campaigning within “red zones,” or areas the NPA has strong influence among the people, especially for candidates for provincial, congressional, and mayoral levels.

“As the masses participate in the reactionary electoral process, politicians and bourgeois political parties are interested in reaching out to them. It is only proper and fair for these politicians to respect the distinct territories held by the revolutionary government and coordinate with the NPA and people’s militia, organs of political power, revolutionary forces, and Party branches,” said Rigoberto Sanchez, spokesman of the Merardo Arce Command of the NPA-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command.

Sanchez said poll bets are required to:

1. Demonstrate sincerity in both words and deeds;

2. Undertake concrete actions to conform to campaign promises especially within revolutionary territories;

3. Desist from performing counterrevolutionary intelligence activities against the NPA and revolutionary movement;

4. Abstain from carrying out anti-social activities like gambling, drinking, prostitution, and other decadent bourgeois exploits that affect the youth and promote profligate culture;

5. Deter from conniving and/or conspiring with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its counter-insurgency program Oplan Bayanihan;

6. Provide material and financial help to fund mass production campaign, education, health, and immediate infrastructure projects especially in areas badly hit by typhoon Pablo and other calamities; and

7. Shun from carrying firearms.

“The requisites hew with the Communist Party of the Philippines’ policy and practice to classify mayors, governors and members of congress as allies, neutrals or enemies,” Sanchez said.

“The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US-Aquino regime attempt but fail miserably to debunk the notion that the revolutionary forces can determine the outcome of the reactionary elections, especially in its areas of mass base and influence. The AFP is allergic to the very idea that the NPA can let progressive and neutralized candidates win while it can also isolate the most rabid ones,” he added.