As with 2010 polls, election results this year will be known in 48 hours
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MANILA, Philippines – As with the first nationwide automated elections in 2010, the winners in the May 13 polls may be known within 48 hours after voting, the Commission on Elections said Wednesday.

"Within 48 hours [we could have results] more or less.  At the municipal and city levels, like what happened in 2010, within 24 hours we should be finished.  The only ones left will be those where there’s a close fight,” Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes said.

There will be a difference this time, though: unlike in the 2010 elections, the Comelec will allow proclamation of winners even if the results are not yet complete. “In the system we had before, all of the precinct results must come out before you can proclaim. We changed that, as one of the enhancements under the PCOS  (precinct count optical scan) system,” he said.

Brillantes said the “remaining untransmitted results will be computed” this time around, and if they will not affect the total results, the winner could then be proclaimed.

"You don’t have to wait [for an unduly long period]. Before, when there was a pending issue, there can be no proclamation, which is really unreasonable,” he said.

Before 2010, when elections were conducted with a manual counting and canvassing system, Comelec often took three weeks to one month, giving cheaters a lot of avenue to do their worst.