12 disqualified party-list groups may still campaign, be proclaimed - Brillantes

The official ballot for Monday's polls still contains the names of 12 party list groups disqualified by Comelec; and Chairman Brillantes says they may still continue campaigning, and be voted on, as the PCOS will count votes cast in their favor. If they can get the high court to reverse the Comelec after May 13, they could be proclaimed.

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MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Elections chief Friday held out hope to 12 disqualified party-lists that they could still campaign until tomorrow and even be proclaimed--if they get the required number of votes--by obtaining a court order after the elections.

“Since we are in the end part of the campaigning, I think they should continue campaigning because they still go up to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court can still reverse us even after the elections,” Brillantes said.

Brillantes said the disqualification will not prejudice party-list candidates from campaigning, and be proclaimed since they can still seek relief from the High Court. Since their names are still on the ballot, the PCOS machines will still count votes cast in their favor, and these votes will be reflected in the canvass, Brillantes explained.

Brillantes said the same holds true for the three party-list candidates with pending disqualification cases before Comelec: PISTON, Kabataan and LPG Marketers Association (LPGMA).

“The party list is now complete, but if we will disqualify the three party-list candidates--- LPGMA, Piston and Kabataan, since they are already in the ballot, may laban pa rin sila [they still have a fighting chance].”

However, he added, if Comelec is sustained by the Supreme Court, “we will not count their votes,  and if we are reversed by the Supreme Court or a TRO was issued, probably we are going to proclaim them as winners,” Brillantes said.

There are 123 party-list candidates listed in the ballot, but the Comelec disqualified 12 groups after an SC-mandated review, as party lists sought relief from it.