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Winners of Tatt Awards honored, one pulls Twitter stunt
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines -- Tatt Awards 2013, which recognizes individuals and groups who use social media to make positive change in their community, have been announced.

Major categories and their winners are:

Blogger Phenom of the Year: The Professional Heckler

Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year: Kimpoy Feliciano

YouTube Phenom of the Year: I Love Jamich

Instagram Phenom of the Year: Patrick Dee

Regular categories and their winners are:

Best Social Media Movement: Gawad Kalinga

Best Comedy on YouTube: Lloyd Cadena

Best Music on YouTube: Abra TV

Best Style Blog: DG MNL

Best Sports Blog/Microblog:

Best Tech Blog/Podcast: Unbox Podcast

Best Photo Blog/Microblog: When In Manila

Best Travel/Food Blog: Filipino Recipe Portal

The Young Star Blog of the Year: Stachie

Best Podcast: Becky Nights

One curious standout in this list of winners is online metro guide When In Manila (, who took home the award for Best Photo Blog. When In Manila began trending for Twitter Philippines just after the awards closed, until 9 a.m. the next morning. “We're delighted that When In Manila trended on Twitter after the Tatt Awards,” said Coy Caballes, Globe Social Media Manager. “It was a well-deserved win for them. They consistently delivered votes and sparked trending conversations in their category.”

Twitter trending was planned

When asked how Twitter hashtag #wheninmanila trended on Twitter Philippines for even longer than #TattAwardsNight (the official hashtag of the Tatt Awards), When In Manila founder Vince Golangco revealed that When In Manila went in with a game plan: “Our members and readers were the cornerstone of our plan, which was built by When In Manila’s Senior Digital Consultant Tony Ahn who gave us a very detailed and direct game plan on how to trend.”

“I don’t believe in secrets,” said Tony Ahn, a digital public relations expert who frequently speaks and writes on the subject of social media and is Chief Digital Architect of PR agency Tony Ahn & Co.

“We trended with a three step approach. First, we drafted a blog post the day before the awards announcing 1) our win, 2) our thanks, and 3) a dinner for two giveaway at Spiral to one lucky person who Tweets our #wheninmanila hastag. But we didn’t post it,” he said in a press release.

Ahn said the article was posted the moment that When In Manila was announced as having won. “It was live on the site before we even took the stage. Second, we asked all the When In Manila contributors to tweet the hashtag along with a congratulatory message. Third, we asked everyone to monitor the #wheninmanila hashtag and retweet every tweet they see. Everyone knew all three steps of the plan the day before the ceremony.”

The hashtag began trending just after the awards banquet ended, and continued until the next morning.

“Tony's digital plan actually made it easier than I've ever imagined it would be,” Golangco said. “We're lucky to have him on our team.”

“You’d be surprised how many things on Twitter trend because a brand is behind it,” added Ahn. “The illusion of the Internet is that many things that appear to occur naturally are actually being made to occur artificially. On the ‘white hat’ side, this can be done for brand awareness purposes, but on the ‘black hat’ side, it can be done to manufacture public opinion, making it appear that the public is united in their opinions when they are not, or that there is strong opposition to something where there is none. When In Manila’s Twitter trending was an example of white hat digital PR.”

While trending was planned, nomination was unexpected

Vince Golangco expressed surprise at being nominated in the first place. “I've never really seen myself as a "photo blogger" so it caught me off guard. But, after being nominated, I re-looked at our articles from our 200+ writers and realized that we indeed did have amazing photos from professional photographers. I tend to forget sometimes how big we have grown and how much raw talent we have mixed into our community. So this nomination and the win really goes out to the community of writers, photographers, videographers, story tellers, and members who worked hard and showcased their talent while promoting the beauty and wonders of Manila and the Philippines.”

Past awardees include TV and social media personality Bianca Gonzales, YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos, runner’s website, and podcast Becky Nights. This year’s judges were lifestyle blogger Anton Diaz, Bianca Gonzalez, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, Mikey Bustos, tech blogger Abe Olandres, OPM music advocate and social media personality Jim Paredes, international model Joey Mead-King; photographer BJ Pascual;  Mashable associate video producer Bianca Consunji and ABS-CBN anchor TJ Manotoc.