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4 media workers confirmed killed by 'Yolanda' in Tacloban

The shattered studios of radio station dyVL Aksyon Radyo-Tacloban, where two staff died when super typhoon 'Yolanda' devastated the city. (photo from the Facebook page of Rommel Rutor, Aksyon Radyo-Catbalogan)
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MANILA, Philippines -- At least four media workers, all from radio, have been confirmed to have died when super typhoon “Yolanda” struck Tacloban late last week.

On Wednesday, Rommel Rutor, production supervisor of dyMS Aksyon Radyo in Catbalogan said Lottie Solarta, anchor of Tacloban radio station dyBR, relayed th message that “our media colleagues Archie Globio and Malou Realino” and that three other personnel of the station remain missing.

Rutor had also confirmed earlier the deaths of dyVL Aksyon Radyo-Tacloban reporter Ronald Vinas and technician Allan Medino when the storm surge from Yolanda struck their radio station, which is beside the sea.

Reports said the two were still on duty, with Vinas doing anchoring chores, when the super typhoon struck.

Two dependents of the station’s staff also died.

The Catbalogan broadcaster has been making regular sojourns into Tacloban both to report on the situation and gather information on the whereabouts and situation of colleagues there.

At least three other Tacloban journalists are known to have suffered injuries during Yolanda’s rampage.

Since the typhoon cut communications at its height, members of the media community have been trying to contact colleagues in Leyte and Tacloban who have yet to be heard from, although a number have since been located and confirmed safe.

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