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SURVIVOR | Yolanda victims give PNoy high ratings - SWS survey
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MANILA, Philippines - Survivors of super typhoon Yolanda gave President Benigno Aquino III a higher satisfaction rating than Filipinos in areas not affected by the storm, survey firm Social Weather Stations said Thursday.

In a report on the results of its Fourth Quarter 2013 survey posted on the SWS website, the firm said 73 percent of Yolanda survivors polled - most of whom considered themselves "poor" and "food poor" - were satisfied with Aquino's performance, with only 19 percent saying otherwise, for a "very good" net satisfaction rating of +54.

In contrast, 69 percent of non-victims who were surveyed said they were satisfied and 21 percent said they were dissatisfied, for a “good” net satisfaction rating of +48.

Reacting to the SWS report, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said: "It is gratifying that those who suffered greatly appreciate what their President and their government have done to ease their pain and alleviate their plight despite the shortcomings and challenges still being hurdled."

Yolanda, the world’s strongest storm last year, seriously affected 13 percent of Filipino families when it cut a path of death and destruction through the central Philippines last November, SWS said.

The survey results also showed that 72 percent of families affected by Yolanda classified themselves as poor and 58 percent said they were “food poor,” compared to 52 percent and 38 percent, respectively, among non-victims.

The SWS also said Yolanda survivors reported a higher “hunger rate,” with 23.9 percent saying they experienced involuntary hunger at least once in the past three months, compared to 17.2 percent among non-victims.

Also, 19.8 percent of families affected by Yolanda said they experienced moderate hunger -- “only once” or “a few times” in the past three months -- and 4.1 percent went hungry “often” or “always,” compared to 14.7 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively, among non-victims.

The SWWS said that, without the Yolanda victims, “the net satisfaction rating of Pres. … Aquino would have been net +48 instead of net +49, self-rated poverty would have been 52 percent instead of 55 percent, self-rated food poverty would have been 38 percent instead of 41 percent, and hunger would have been 17.2 percent, instead of 18.1 percent.

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