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VIDEO | Deniece Cornejo files rape charges vs Vhong Navarro

Deniece Cornejo (R) with her counsel, Howard Calleja at the Taguig Prosecutor's Office after filing rape charges against comedian-TV host Vhong Navarro, january 29, 2014. Gel Francisco/
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(UPDATE 3- 5:54 p.m.) MANILA, Philippines - Deniece Cornejo on Wednesday afternoon filed rape charges against comedian and TV host Ferdinand "Vhong" Navarro before the Taguig City Prosecutor's Office. 

"Gusto kong maging boses ng mga nabiktima ng rape [I want to be the voice of rape victims]," Cornejo told reporters. 

Cornejo belied Navarro's claims that he did not attempt to her rape her on the night of January 22 inside her condo unit in Taguig City. "Alam ng Diyos ang katotohanan [God knows the truth]." 

Cornejo's counsel, Ma. Concepcio Aquino said it took her client "some time to file the case because she went through pyschological trauma and a lot of stress before deciding to do this." 

Speaking to reporters, Howard Calleja, another cousel of Cornejo, dismissed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage presented by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to media earlier in the day.

The footage showed that before businessman Cedric Lee arrived at Cornejo’s condo unit supposedly to rescue her from Navarro, Cornejo already left the area.

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“That CCTV footage can only show you part of the story. Eyewitnesses can tell the whole story. We are not even sure if the CCTV is clear or has been tampered. The true story is what is being related by the true victim of this case, who is Miss Deniece Cornejo,” said Calleja.

“What we are saying is that let us not muddle the issue. It (CCTV footage) is only part of it, not the whole story,” he added.

Calleja also belied Navarro’s statement that Lee was already inside the condo unit when the comedian-TV host arrived in the area.

"But the CCTV shows that Navarro arrived ahead of Lee. Makikita naman natin kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo at gumagawa ng script [We will see who’s telling the truth and who is just making a scripted statement]," said Calleja. 

In a separate interview with dzMM radio after filing the case, Calleja said the NBI had admitted that there was no CCTV inside the condo unit where Cornejo was staying and thus the whole story could not be solely based on the footage. "Hindi rin naman nakuha ng CCTV ang panghahalay kay Deniece [The CCTV wasn't able to capture that Deniece was being raped.]