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PHOTOS | Motorbike riders protest 'stupid' measures
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MANILA, Philippines - Thousands of motorcyclists and car enthusiasts gathered at Quezon Memorial Circle Sunday for what they called the “largest display of force against the STUPID rules and regulations” initiated by government agencies looking to curb crime perpetrated by motorbike-riding hoodlums.

Far from helping curb crime, these measures are, according to protest leaders, “failing the system, failing the proper process of creating laws, failing the bill of rights from under the Constitution and failing the simple and basic logic of equality for all.”

Various Motorcycle Riders’ Clubs headed by the Motorcycle Rights Organization assailed the proposed Plate Vest or “plaka-vest” ordinance of a Quezon City councilor, among other local government measures. They burned a Plate Vest as a symbolic protest. A plaka-vest was meant to compel motorcyclists to wear vests that make it easier to identify them if a crime is committed, and was filed in response to the rising number of incidents where perpetrators of a crime were riding in tandem on motorbikes.

The protesters are also lamenting what they described as the gray area surrounding the latest joint administrative order JAO from the Land Transportation Office and the Department of Transportation and Communication; the “no plate, no travel” announcement of the LTO; and another measure, in Mandaluyong City, banning a motorcyclist from allowing a back rider beyond one’s first-degree relative.

The so-called Unity Ride began early Sunday morning at EDSA People Power Monument, and traversed EDSA toward East Avenue, Elliptical Road and Commonwealth Avenue before ending up inside Quezon Memorial Circle to hold a program.