‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ winner Maureen Wroblewitz wants to try acting

Maureen Wroblewitz. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Maureen Wroblewitz’s dreams of becoming a model started when she was 12 years old. She recalls watching an episode of “Germany’s Next Top Model,” and from there realized that she wanted to try modelling. Years later, a few modelling stints would lead to her competing in Asia’s Next Top model and eventually winning the title.

Maureen is the first ever Filipina to win as Asia’s Next Stop Model since the show was launched in 2012. Competing, however, wasn’t as simple as sashaying on the catwalk. At 18 years old and 5’6” tall, Maureen was one of the youngest, shortest and least experienced among the contestants in the show’s Cycle 5 which aired earlier this year.

Maureen recalls, “The biggest challenge was being focused throughout the competition, with all the other girls like doubting me, saying I was just a pretty face. And then it also motivated me to do better but it was tough, especially because I was one of the shortest girls. So I had to stand tall and show everyone that I did deserve to be in the competition.”

“It was very challenging and that experience made me a strong person. People would say I was stronger but I would never really see it until I won. ‘Cause then I realized, wow, I actually did this. And I am strong. And I always wanted to prove that because my mom has always been my inspiration and motivation. She was a strong person so I always wanted to prove to her that I’m as strong as her, and I did it by winning,” Maureen said in an interview with InterAksyon.

Maureen’s mother, Mariefe, succumbed to breast cancer in 2009. Despite her passing, she continues to be the source of inspiration and driving force for 19-year-old Maureen.

“She’s always been my inspiration and everything I do is for her, and to make her proud. I always think about her when I do things,” Maureen shared.

Maureen Wroblewitz models three different looks as the new endorser of Asus laptops. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Winning in “ANTM” has certainly opened doors for Maureen. She has been to Singapore and New York, and was able to go backstage during Fashion Week.

“I’ve been very busy. Now I’m still working every day. I have endorsements. That’s what I’m doing now,” Maureen said.

She is the new endorser of Asus consumer laptops. At the press launch, Maureen oozed with her X-factor as she showcased different looks and different models of Asus laptops in a mini-fashion show.

While she certainly enjoys modelling, there are other things that she hopes to accomplish. “It’s something I wanna do for now but I also want to start acting. There’s also one part where I wanna go back to school. And so, we’ll see how that turns out,” she said hopefully.

It may seem that Maureen is on top of the world, but things have just begun for the young model. Grateful for the opportunities, she shares advice for young ladies who, like her, once dreamed of becoming a model.

“You just have to be focused, to work hard. And you have to believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone bring you down and tell you, ‘you can’t do that.’ You can do anything.”