Jasmine Curtis-Smith admits being attached to vampire alter ego

June 9, 2017 - 8:57 PM
Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Izabel in 'Forever Sucks.'

She may have won more accolades for her work in independent films, but Jasmine Curtis-Smith reserves “a special place in her heart” for her popular online series for D5Studio, “Forever Sucks.”

The 23-year-old Fiipinol-Australian actress considers her work on the series as one of the most rewarding experiences of her career.

“This series has been the one project I’ve been most involved with in terms of sharing ideas that often start with our usually senseless but also inspiring conversations,” she shared.

It helps that the show has been extended to a third season, with a fourth not out of the question. That has allowed her to become close to the cast and crew led by director Joel Ferrer whom Jasmine now regards as “a close knit of friends.”

“We’re always joking around on the set and [while] we often have to be reminded of our time restrictions for the day, everybody also remains very professional. As we balance our time for the project, it feels like home when I’m on the set.”

But more than her co-workers, the one person she is most attached to on “Forever Sucks” is none other than her character, Izabel, the 170-year-old vampire who looks and acts like a normal 21-year-old while working in the graveyard shift of a call center.

“I love Izabel and her story through and through. Her emotions are so pure and her history so heavy, I empathize with her so much that I look forward to tapings just so I could play Izzy again for the day,” Jasmine admitted.

Asked if she would change anything about Izabel if given the chance to have an input in the direction of her character, Jasmine insists there’s no need to change anything. But she does love the fact that she and the actors are allowed to give suggestions in certain scenes.

“I don’t think I’d change anything with her. It is evident that even our audiences have formed an attachment to her life and especially her personal life,” she noted.

“My input comes in when we do our scenes and after speaking to Direk Joel. Sometimes ideas pop up while he tells me how he interpreted the scene, and he’s always game to try our suggestions. That always makes us feel involved and [gives us] a sense of really owning our characters, story, and the entire project.”

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (center) with fellow cast members Gab Pangilinan, Gio Gahol, Felix Roco and Sari Estrada.

Reflecting on the show’s success, particularly with millennials that comprise much of its viewership, Jasmine says she is not at all surprised with the solid, steady following enjoyed by “Forever Sucks.”

“The concept of the show is refreshing for millennials. It’s neither heavy nor shallow. The timing is quicker than your regular series and so it doesn’t feel like a drag to watch. Everyone behind the show is emotionally invested so that ensures the authenticity of everything we do,” she pointed out.

“I also think it’s the collective feeling we have on set that translates on the screen. That makes it our little show that could—the ‘Forever Sucks’ we’ve enthusiastically worked on the past year.”

Jasmine said neither she nor the rest of the cast and crew know what the future holds for the series. But she would definitely love to come back for a fourth season. A movie adaptation is something she would also love to do.

“A movie would be interesting. Given that the material flow would still justify all the characters and ‘Forever Sucks’ in totality from its original beginnings, we all would love that for sure.”

The third season of “Forever Sucks” finds Izabel and and her current beau Kiko played by Felix Roco coming to terms with just how hard it is for a relationship between a human and a vampire to last forever.

Special guests for this season include Albie Casiño, Malak So, Cedrick Juan and Amarra Ui.

Also starring Gab Pangilinan, Gio Gahol and Sari Estrada, “Forever Sucks” Season 3 premieres on D5Studio this July. Past seasons can also be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/d5studio.