WATCH | Five hurt in scrape between ambulance and PNR commuter train in Blumentritt, Manila

July 7, 2017 - 9:31 PM
GoogleMap PNR Ambulance scrape
Top view of the location where a rushing ambulance figured in a bad scrape with a PNR commuter train near the Blumentritt junction.

Five persons were hurt badly when an ambulance from Caloocan City rushing a patient to hospital ran counter-flow to oncoming traffic in Blumentritt, Manila and figured in a bad scrape with a moving Philippine National Railways commuter train.

The ambulance was carrying a passenger who was on the verge of giving birth and her attendants. They all ended up being taken to hospital, but not in the vehicle they came in.

Their ambulance was badly crimped and damaged especially in the frontal part when hit by the train and dragged along for three meters from the point of impact.

The traffic barrier had already been lowered when the rushing ambulance plowed into the scene.

The accident created a temporary but severe traffic jam.

The victims in the ambulance were rescued and rushed to nearby Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital. The woman was reported able to give birth without major complications.

But the ambulance driver had to be retained for further observation because of injuries to the head.

Click and watch this video clip from the scene of the incident below: