WATCH | Here’s an Uber honest driver who is rewarded PhP500 for returning P500,000 cash


At 61 years old, Alberto Lopez thinks nothing of diligently plying the streets of Manila as a driver of the mobile network private driver hailing service Uber.

Lopez even went to the extent of drawing a motor vehicle loan to become an Uber stakeholder.

On Tuesday this week, he picked up two male passengers at a hotel in Pasig City and dropped them off in Makati.

It took some time after dropping them off for Lopez to notice that his passengers had left a bag behind in the car.

As it turned out, the bag contained money – some PhP500,00 worth, in cash.

He set about to return the money.

Why did he do that?

“Kapag hindi sa’yo, ‘wag mong pag-interesan (If it’s not yours, don’t take an interest in it), because even if you use it without anybody knowing, who knows kind of karma comeback might befall your children?”

Lopez related the incident to a friend, who took it upon himself to post the anecdote about his honesty on the social media platform Facebook.

The post earned kudos from netizens and went viral.

According to Lopez, it had taken a while for him to connect again with his passengers, who were also trying to get in touch with him. They were on their way to Bacolod City.

They finally reunited where he had dropped them off, and he returned the money.

Out of gratitude for the return of PhP500,000, they gave him a reward: P500, and said when they come to Manila again, they want him to service their transportation needs.

Does Alberto Lopez deserve Five-Star rating or what?