WATCH | Duterte says this is what military told him about Robredo: ‘Mas gusto namin s’ya…hindi nagmumura’

November 10, 2017 - 3:16 PM
President Rodrigo Duterte and VP Leni Robredo are seen in file photo at the closing ceremony of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting at the PICC. (Photo from Pool/Russell Palma)

MANILA, Philippines — From threat to forget.

This is what will likely happen to President Rodrigo Duterte’s warning last month that he would establish a revolutionary government if his political opponents won’t stop in their alleged attempts to destabilize the government.

On Thursday night, during a press conference in Da Nang Vietnam, the chief executive said he had asked the military about their stand on forming a revolutionary government and that they told him that just as they said to Vice President Leni Robredo, they were against such move.

“Tama siya. Tinanong ko ang military. Sabi nila, ‘Hindi kami susuporta ng revolutionary government [She’s right. I asked the military and they said, ‘We will not support a revolutionary government’],” said Duterte.

The President said he then asked the military why they would not support a revolutionary government and the latter replied that their position was similar to that of Robredo, whom they liked better because she is a woman and does not curse.

“Sabi ko, ‘Why?’ Sabi nila, ‘Dahil sabi ni Vice President Robredo.’ ‘O bakit?’ Sabi niya, ‘Mas gusto namin siya. Babae at saka hindi nagmumura,” Duterte said.

After hearing the military’s position on the issue, Duterte said he assured them that he would not declare a revolutionary government.

“O sige. ‘Di hindi tayo mag-revolutionary government.’ Tama, tama siya [Okay, we won’t declare a revolutionary government. She’s right],” the President said, referring to Robredo.