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Manila Water adopts new technology to reduce sludge, cut costs means BUSINESS

MANILA - (UPDATED 11:46 p.m.) The water utility of the Ayala Group said it has introduced a dewatering technology for treating sludge.

In a statement, Manila Water Co Inc said its Innovations (Reasearch & Development) Team has developed a new technology called the Geotube® that reduces sludge produced in water treatment plants.

“Since Manila Water started using the pioneering technology, we have been very happy with the outcome as it is more efficient and beneficial resulting to a 90 percent reduction of solid sludge volume," Geodino V. Carpio, Manila Water operations group director, said.

The technology works by conditioning the sludge before it goes directly to a Geotube® container, a disposable and recyclable environment-friendly vessel.

Through dewatering, clear water simply drains from the Geotube® container, after which the remaining excess sludge will be brought directly to landfills.

Previously, Manila Water needed to transfer and haul sludge to septage plants in San Mateo, Rizal and FTI in Taguig for dewatering. 

"But with the Geotube® technology, the operational expense due to hauling process is significantly reduced," the company said.

Manila Water's Geotube