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Why do Americans fawn over British royalty?

With one of their own as the bride, it may afford Americans a moment, however fleeting, to imagine themselves once again as royal subjects.

And the greatest Senate president of the Philippines was…

As the Senate is about to choose its next president, here's a look at the role notable Senate presidents played in Philippine history.

The internet is divided over this viral clip that pronounces a...

If Twitter were any indication, there are now two types of people in this world — those who hear "Yanny" and those who hear "Laurel."

Can you paint with all the colors of politics?

Color in politics, especially for political parties, has a way of sending a message even without any long speeches or catchy campaign slogans. Investigative journalist...

Commuter walkways in Metro Manila: The highs and lows of overpasses,...

Commuting in the busy metropolis is an everyday woe for the city's 10 million residents. But for some, there are looked-over corners in the...

Manila through the eyes of Cole Sprouse and other international stars

What made Hollywood star Cole Sprouse apologize and who were those before him who said even worse things?

First look: Duterte on TIME magazine’s cover as new ‘strongman’

President Rodrigo Duterte appears on the cover of TIME magazine for the second time around. This time, he is not alone.

Beyond Harry Styles’ perfect phrases: How foreigners find learning Filipino

Filipino may be a rare language for foreigners to adopt, but what motivates them to learn it?

The case against Baybayin as national writing system

Once the bill is passed into law, Baybayin as national writing system will be one big headache for public and private sectors. A list of possible consequences:

Liberal Party members posing at a Holocaust memorial: Sense and sensibilities

The photo showing some of the LP's senior members did not seem to strike the right chord. Can it be defended?