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A debate on ‘Pacquiao the Boxer’ versus ‘Pacquiao the Politician’

The premise is simple: can Manny Pacquiao the boxer be separated from Manny Pacquiao the senator?
Bacolod City's MassKara Festival has an untold origin story. File Photo

Unmasking the MassKara: The hidden origin of Bacolod City’s festival

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines — Bacolod City's annual MassKara Festival is among the country's biggest celebrations similar to Rio Carnival in Brazil. MassKara, translated literally as...

Fake monks around the metro scam people into giving them ‘donations’

A picture of a fake monk has been making rounds online, with people claiming that they have been forced to hand out money for “donations” in exchange for beads they are being forced to wear.

Jameson Blake called out for soliciting artwork in exchange for ‘shoutout’

Jameson Blake was called out on Twitter after he had asked for any graphic designers to make a cover photo for him with the best one getting a "shoutout".

The role Voltes V played in toppling Martial Law

There's a not-so-known history of "Voltes V" in the Philippines and the popular show's role in inspiring future generations that would topple a dictatorship.

Recognition for Whang-od to help preserve Kalinga culture

Revered Kalinga tattoo artist Whang-od Oggay was awarded the prestigious Dangal ng Haraya Award for Intangible Cultural Heritage on June 25, a feat which...

This ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan from Bukidnon built Hobbit houses

An avid fan of "The Lord of the Rings" movie decided to create Hobbit-inspired houses in his own farm in Bukidnon, showing how much the epic fantasy Hollywood trilogy has appealed to the public.

What makes a photographer? Twitter controversy raises crucial questions

Is he a photographer, photo illustrator or both? Recent Twitter controversy raises questions on expectations for budding lens men.

Before Jose Rizal, Filipinos and the Philippines in video games, anime...

Japanese creators have always loved to give a glimpse into life in the Philippines.

#RP612FIC: Filipinos’ hilarious retelling of their history

As the Philippines celebrate Independence Day, people are once again reviving the popular hashtag on Twitter that becomes relevant every 12th of June (#RP612FIC). The...