Family + Faith

REFLECTION ‘Many are invited but few are chosen’

In today's gospel, the faithful are asked to take into heart God's invitation to be with him.

REFLECTION | The Parable of the Tenants: ‘Bear good fruits’

In today's gospel, the faithful are inspired to do good works in His name.

REFLECTION | ‘Fulfill your promise and follow His will’

In today's gospel, the faithful are asked to live according to God's will and fulfill our duties as Christians with a joyful heart.

EVENT | Ben 10 is back to save the universe!

Look, the Ben 10 gang's all here!

REFLECTION | ‘The last will be the first, the first will...

In today's gospel, the faithful are reminded that real generosity comes from the heart.

REFLECTION | ‘We forgive seven times seven times seven’

In today's gospel, the faithful are asked to be forgiving in order to grow as Christians.

REFLECTION | ‘I am in your midst’

Fraternal correction helps us build our communities as we strive to become better and mature persons and believers.

REFLECTION | ‘Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself’

In today's gospel, the faithfule are asked to reflect on this: What is the most important things in your life?'

REFLECTION | ‘I will serve you the keys of the Kingdom...

In today's gospel, Christians are inspired to accept God as the source of life and all that is good.

Parents still failing to put babies to sleep on their backs

Fewer than half of U.S. infants always sleep on their backs, the position doctors recommend to avoid sleep-related injuries and deaths, a study suggests.