Kris Aquino gives tips on building a career through social media

November 1, 2017 - 10:09 AM
Kris Aquino. (Photo by Jill Interaksyon/Tan Radovan)

Kris Aquino may not have a TV network to call home at the moment, but it hasn’t stopped her from finding her spotlight.

The former Kapamilya star, actress, and host is taking charge of her career by harnessing the power of social media. With the help of her KCAP (Kris Cojuanco Aquino Productions) team, Kris now produces and hosts her own online content.

Kris claims that she is very hands-on with the content produced for Kris Aquino TV, which is streamed via her official social media accounts. She is very adamant when it comes to quality, and is a stickler for deadlines.

“Just because it’s digital, it doesn’t mean na di mo inalagaan yung quality. And makulit talaga ako about that,” she said in a media interview at her new home in Quezon City.

Kris’ new venture has done wonders for her, as she is more bankable than ever with the most reputable brands and corporations knocking on her door for endorsements.

“It’s really a blessing because this is now our income stream,” she said.

Kris is the new brand ambassador of antihistamine brand Claritin, and was recently announced as a new endorser of Smart Communications and PLDT.

As she slowly but surely builds her own social media empire, she dishes out advice on how to captivate an audience and build a lucrative career online.

“First, watch. Watch the influencers. Kasi you have to see also what others are watching, but don’t copy.

“Second, be true to the culture. Iba Pinoy. Kasi ang dami kong gusto taps sasabihin nila sa akin, ‘KCA, hindi tayo American,’ or ‘hindi tayo Brits.’ So nakikinig ako. Listen.

“And third, know that you’re catering to the millennials. 73 percent of my audience are 16 to 35 years old. ‘Yung focus mo dapat kung ano yung interesting sa kanila. And you have to be aspirational and inspirational. Own the brand.”

Kris doesn’t subscribe to the idea of creating scandals to attract attention online and encourage viewership.

“Pinanindigan ko, sinabi ko from the start. Ayoko maging palaaway. Hindi ako yan, it won’t work for me. Hindi ko kayang panindigan.

“You could be, eh, if you want followers right away. Pero sabi ko it will turn off the brands. Mabilis, kung gusto mong mag-create ng clickbait. But in the long term, it will be negative for you,” she said.

When it comes to creating your personal brand, Kris believes in being true to yourself.

“I think the most important thing is to identify your personality and your strengths, and stick to that.”

She added, “Wag ka magpapadikta. At the end of the day you yourself would know yourself. Kung ako mismo hindi natutuwa sa ginagawa ko, how would I engage them?”