OPM ON THE MOVE | Coca-Cola takes the ‘Coke Studio Philippines’ experience on the road

November 27, 2017 - 9:24 AM
Moonstar 88 performs inside the Coke Studio Truck.

Since it was launched last July, “Coke Studio Philippines” has succeeded in its goal to elevate an already resurgent OPM scene. Recent years saw many exciting young talents that have emerged through numerous video-sharing and streaming platforms, talent search TV shows and high-profile singing and songwriting competitions.

The intriguing pairings of creative individuals from varying music persuasions are tasked with creating new and exciting tunes that will appeal to the present and next generation of music fans.

All episodes were big with audiences, particularly on social media where the hashtag, #CokeStudioPH trended at least five times as well as #CSAbraXGracenote.

Many of the newly-created collaborations including “Caution to the Wind” by Gab and John and The Ransom Collective; as well as “Bahagi” by Ebe Dancel and Autotelic have also figured prominently in the Top 50 Viral Playlist of Spotify, the country’s biggest online music portal.

Addressing the rising clamor for new OPM tunes, “Coke Studio Philippines” is bringing the music straight to the people with the Coke Studio Truck. The studio on wheels has been going around the country to give university bands the chance to create new music and set the stage for Coke Studio artists to perform their newest collaborations in front of a live audience.

The Coke Studio Truck

The Coke Studio Truck
Being ahead of the curve in ushering a new generation of OPM audiophiles, the moving studio is giving established artists and undiscovered talents alike the chance to make music with “Coke Studio Philippines” as well.

A hybrid between a mobile recording studio and a concert stage, the Coke Studio Truck is a technological wonder. “We can actually go around the world and be proud of this truck,” said Direk Juno Oebanda, a veteran sound engineer who oversees the studio operations.

The Coke Studio Truck is complete with a recording studio set-up where artists can perform and a state-of-the-art control room where music is digitally mastered and mixed. Top of the line is the best way to describe the truck and its equipment which includes a high-end mixing console, a professional audio editing software, a studio monitor with an inverted dome Beryllium tweeter, a Bluetooth cradle that allows artists to share HD audio recorded from their phones, and much more.

With microphones used for Grammy award-winning records, a single cable that can record multiple sounds in high resolution audio and an iPad that can control sound even from outside of the control booth, the Coke Studio Truck makes creating and recording quality music easy.

More than just recording music and live performances, the Coke Studio Truck was built to bring out the “Coke Studio Philippines” experience. “The truck is an extension of ‘Coke Studio Philippines.’ We bring that same experience from the screens to the streets,” explained Direk Juno.

And thanks to today’s technology, it’s also now possible for anyone to be their own “Coke Studio Artist”. All you need are Coke Studio bottle caps and a smartphone. It all begins by collecting specially marked Coke Studio caps by buying Coke Mismo and Coke Sakto. Then download the Coca-Cola Happy Shopmate app for iOS or Android to scan the caps, each design of which represents a song track including guitars, drums and vocals. By tapping each track on and off, the user can enjoy the music in his own creative way, whether he prefers to go acoustic or enjoy and sing along to the song with two or more tracks playing.

And just like that, one can become a Coke Studio Artist.

With the truck and special bottle caps, it’s clear that Coca-Cola isn’t limiting its support of OPM to just creating and airing videos. Instead, Coke is going beyond – encouraging and making it easy for anyone to make their own sounds of Pinoy music.

See how the Coke Studio Truck connects people through music by catching it at a city near you. Also watch the latest “Coke Studio Philippines” episodes every Saturday at 8PM on TV5 and/or subscribe to the YouTube Channelwww.youtube.com/CokeStudioPH.