Acoustic group Kithara plays music that’s full of ‘senti’ feels

December 7, 2017 - 1:30 AM
Kithara (Dex Galsim, Pato San Juan, Poli Policarpio and Jun Tovera).

Since they debuted on YouTube seven years ago with their original hits, “Stupid Me” and “My Angel,” the contemporary acoustic group Kithara has developed a steady following in and out of social media.

The four-man group is known for the distinctive vocals of Pato San Juan, the jingle-jangle guitar sound of Poli Policarpio and the engaging harmonies of the whole band which is also composed of Jon Tovera on bass and Dex Galsim on cajon, the group went on to score more hits over the years including “Pangarap Ko’y Tayong Dalawa,” “To Move On,” “Should I Leave You Now,” and their latest, “Hindi Para Sa’Yo” which to date has attracted over 482,000 views since it was first uploaded only three months ago.

In a recent press conference to promote the concert, “Senti Feels” which they headline together with Mark Carpio, Jinho Bae, and Leera and featuring special guests Lance Edward, Tim Sawyer, RJ Agustin, Vjosh Tribe and Deanne, the group talked to InterAksyon and recalled not only their genesis but also how they developed their signature sound.

Pato said the group was originally a duo with just himself on vocals and Poli on acoustic guitar when it was formed back in 2008. The two were schoolmates and were also members of a choir group. Dex and Jun joined the group much later.

“It was when acoustic music is at its peak. We wanted a simple band name, short but catchy. The word guitar came to mind so Pato decided to Google other words for guitar and that’s when we found the word, “Kithara” which is actually the Greek word for guitar,” Poli added.

Although their official Facebook page describes their music as “contemporary acoustic,” the band believes that their sound is much more than that.

“For years we struggled to label our music. Everybody was telling us how important it is to be identified with a distinct genre. But we simply can’t. When we perform, people who watch us say we’re acoustic rock alternative. After hearing our original songs, they say we play pop ballads,” Pato noted.

“In our mind, we simply want to perform songs by heart, how we like it, in our own interpretation. Maybe it’s because we are four different guys who have different tastes in music so we somehow managed to form a sound that is a bit unorthodox. But we like it, it works for us.”

Their original songs have a decidedly “senti” feel to it and plenty of “hugot” lines to recall. Not surprisingly, their album, “One Word Story” contains a song called what else but “Hugot.”

A sought-after attraction in the live circuit, Kithara currently performs at Googel bar and restaurant in Mandala Park every Friday at Ang Pulo bar and grill inside Autocamp, in Ortigas Avenue every Saturday.

Kithara’s music, which is distributed by Warner Music Philippines, is also available on Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

As to what their fans can expect from their upcoming set in “Senti Feels,” scheduled this December 15 at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan, Kithara simply says “it’s going to be an emotional 20mins while we’re up on stage.”

Tickets for the “Senti Feels” concert are available at and the Music Museum box office.

Watch Kithara’s official music video for their big hit, “Hindi Para Sa’ Yo” here: