BEYOND WEIGHT LOSS | Erich Gonzales launched as new face of mySlim

March 23, 2018 - 8:46 AM
Erich Gonzales during her launch as mySlim's brand endorser

Most people consider fit synonymous to sexy, but while the two do seem to overlap, these are two very different things. Sexiness is mostly about aesthetics, whereas fitness is about good health and well being. Those who look sexy are not necessarily fit, but those who are truly fit, are always as sexy as they can possibly be. mySlim has always been about achieving true sexiness through fitness.

According to Erick Armigos, brand architect of Vida Nutriscience, makers of mySlim, “In a country that consistently ranks among the best in the world in Gender Equality, especially in the work place, the sexy Filipina is one who embodies what it is to have self-worth and who takes care of her body for the sake of health and fitness, and not just to look sexy.”

In a media event held at Seda Vertis North, Quezon City, mySlim formally announced actress Erich Gonzales as the new face of the brand, underscoring the new meaning of sexy that mySlim has helped define. With this move, mySlim cements its stand of encouraging women to see beyond weight loss regimens, fad diets, and even expensive and often dangerous aesthetic interventions.

Erich Gonzales has enjoyed the success that she has while remaining true to herself. She has never had a gimmick or played an angle. Her breakthrough TV role on the sleeper hit, “Katorse” was more about her skills as a thespian than about her undeniable good looks, as was her first hit movie, the acclaimed indie film “Paano Ko Sasabihin?.”

In recent years, Erich has embedded herself in the public’s consciousness with memorable performances in the hit teleserye, “Be My Lady” and the films, “Siargao” and “The Significant Other.”

At 27, Erich is already a showbiz veteran who has enjoyed a long and fruitful career, a career based on substance, despite her obviously considerable style.

Vida Nutriscience, made sure that their product was designed using safe and effective ingredients that will complement a healthy lifestyle. mySlim contains Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose which are potent ingredients that help you burn unhealthy fat and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Yerba Mate is a potent and safe detoxification agent and metabolic stimulant that is similar to, but more powerful than coffee and tea. Clinical studies prove that it helps lessen fat absorption by improving insulin sensitivity, giving your body an added fat burning boost without adversely affecting muscle mass when you exercise regularly.

Carnipure, a form of L-Carnitine enables the conversion of fat into metabolic energy and reduces metabolic stress. This gives the body the ability to burn fat during workouts, even when there is still an abundance of energy from carbohydrates.

mySlim also contains Palatinose which is a powerful metabolic booster that makes the most out of your routine exercises. It’s a type of carbohydrate that supplies glucose, our body’s preferred energy source. Palatinose helps sustain the body’s energy supply by breaking down slowly which gives our body more glucose over a longer period of time.

Armigos says the science behind mySlim ensures a safe and effective way to achieve weight loss and overall fitness, especially when partnered with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. mySlim works best for people like its new endorser Erich Gonzales who, despite managing a busy lifestyle, still takes time to eat right and to exercise.

mySlim is available in three product variants: ready-to-drink, powder drink, and food supplement. mySlim is available in Mercury Drug, Watson’s, and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit or mySlim’s Facebook page at