‘Mean Girls’ dubber’s hilarious parody video of in-flight announcements

September 27, 2018 - 2:54 PM
Tired of those repetitive in-flight announcements? A viral dubber recreates the boring safety demos.

Social media users were amused when Macoy Averilla, the man behind the viral Filipino-dubbed “Mean Girls” video, imitated a pilot’s voice when an aircraft would experience turbulence in travel.

Averilla has since released other dubbed videos on his Facebook page but his recent parodies on in-flight announcements caught people’s attention and placed him in the spotlight once more.

Most of his followers praised his talent while some hoped that his voice would be used in pre-flight safety demonstrations so that people would be more inclined to pay attention to the important yet often neglected procedure.

The video is Averilla’s third in what could be considered his aircraft simulation series shared on his Twitter account. He previously parodied a pilot’s voice in an aircraft “bound” for India and another one “bound” for Thailand.

Mandated to ensure the public’s safety 

Aircraft companies are required to give in-flight safety demonstrations and brief their passengers on procedures should emergency cases occur during the travel.

Section 21 of RA 9497 or the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008 dictates that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is supposed to ensure the “safety, quality, reliability, and affordability of air transport services for the riding public.”

Part of this includes giving comprehensive in-flight safety demonstrations and informing passengers of proper safety procedures in cases of turbulence and other similar incidents.

The Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for creating policies and regulations that concern commercial and non-commercial flying. They are the governing body that supervises the operations of various aircraft in the Philippines. — Video from Macoy Averilla via Twitter