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Are they or aren’t they? Actress Liza Diño admits she’s ‘inspired’ by Aiza Seguerra

Liza Diño. (Anna Cañoneo/InterAksyon)

Los Angeles-based actress, chef, and beauty queen Liza Diño is back in the country promoting her latest movie “In Nomine Matris”.

She won a Best Actress award for the film, an entry in the New Breed section of the recent Metro Manila Film Festival. Now that “In Nomine Matris” is set for commercial release in selected theaters on May 8, Liza’s first lead role — as a young flamenco dancer searching for perfection — just earned her a Best Actress nomination from the Gawad Urian.

Such affirmation has convinced her to stay in the Philippines and pursue her acting career.

“I’ll be staying in Manila for an entire year. I decided to move here for a while kasama ko yung daughter ko so I’m looking forward to hopefully doing some projects here and working on mga shows,” she says.

And it seems she got her wish as she is set to star in director Ron Bryant’s CineFilipino entry “Bingoleras” where she will act alongside Eula Valdez and Maxene Eigenmann.

“I’m playing a police na lesbian. It’s very, very challenging, I’m very, very excited. It’s the first time I’ll be working with director Ron Bryant, and I think it’s a very, very good ensemble cast,” she gushes about her role, which may be something close to reality as she is currently being romantically linked to the country’s most prominent and beloved lesbian, singer Aiza Seguerra.

Apparently, Liza and Aiza have something of a history together.

“We’ve known each other for a very long time. I think I was eighteen and she was sixteen, as in hindi pa siya kumakanta when we first met, and we haven’t talked for a long time. Ever since I left for the US walang communication, ngayon lang ulit. So, we’re pretty much just catching up, hanging out,” Liza admits in her interview with InterAksyon.

Rumors about the two started when Aiza disclosed in an interview that she recently got back with a chef-beauty queen. Although Liza — who was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism in 2001 — did not deny that they are indeed a couple, she did not admit to the relationship either. She only went so far as to say that she is good friends with the openly gay singer.

“She’s a very good friend, she’s an amazing person. I’m always inspired by the way she lives her life. She’s very passionate about what she does. I’m happy that we reconnected again,” she says.

She also has this to say about being Aiza’s current muse, “If she’s inspired right now it’s because maganda talaga ‘yung relationship na sinimulan namin. Even before, we’ve been friends talaga.”

The chef-beauty queen may not be ready to go public with her relationship with the singer but her last statement may have more to it than she is prepared to admit.

“I’ve lived in the US for a long time, I have a lot of friends who are gay but for me, if ever you fall in love you fall in love with the soul, with the person. And sana soon enough we will live in a society na lahat equal.”