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‘Bourne Legacy’ trailer with Manila scenes electrifies social networks

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in a scene from 'The Bourne Legacy' that was obviously shot in Pasay.


Just a few hours after its official full trailer was released, “The Bourne Legacy” quickly became a hot trending topic on Twitter and Facebook as netizens wasted no time sharing the YouTube link and discussing it online.

With many scenes shot in Metro Manila and Palawan earlier this year, “The Bourne Legacy” is more of a spin-off than a sequel to the first three films of the Bourne franchise that starred Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

“Bourne Legacy” has a new hero, Aaron Cross, a new character played by Jeremy Renner, who was most recently seen in “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” and “The Avengers.”

Among the earliest reactions to the full trailer that runs for two minutes and 39 seconds came from Facebook user Almonde Lagrimas Rodillo who posted, “Ang ganda ng bagong trailer ng Bourne Legacy, kasama na ang Pilipinas scenes unlike sa una na trailer di pa kasama.”

Jesse H. Enriquez commented, “Bigat.!! Such a trip to see EDSA, crashing jeepneys, Pinoy extras, and Manila in the Bourne Legacy trailer.”

Cara May Homeres said, “Astig…makita mo ang mga kalsadang kinaiinisan mo dahil sa traffic… maganda pala siya pag may ganung eksena…hahaha.”

And Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro, editor of Metro Weddings magazine and wife of musician Nino Alejandro posted, “Awesome! Was on the fence about a Bourne movie without Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner looks kickass! And what a trip to see a decent chase scene in Manila! Who-hoo! Jeepneys and the PNP sure get awesome cameos in this trailer. I love it ♥”

On Twitter where it continues to trend, Cyn (@amezri) tweeted, “What the what?! Levi Meeuwenberg is Renner’s stunt double for Bourne: Legacy? Two reasons to see that thing now.”

English jacket maker Belstaff attempted a little self-promotion with this post, “Get a first look at “The Bourne Legacy” – Jeremy Renner looks classically cool in the H Racer jacket.”

In his tweet, Tim Yap describes the movie as “Your morning treat!”

Writer and independent filmmaker Pepe Diokno posted, “We finally get to see Manila here!”

And Twitter user Irene (@mindanaoan) summed up the trailer with this tweet, “’Bourne Legacy’ Trailer, starring Jeremy Renner & the Philippine jeepney.”

Not all reactions are favorable, however, especially from those who prefer Matt Damon to continue reprising his role as Jason Bourne.

UK film review site, Boolean Flix, tweeted, “I was reminded of THE BOURNE LEGACY today, having completely forgot all about it. I’m skeptical that Renner will outperform Damon.”

IntoFame (@infofame), on the other hand, tweeted, “’The Bourne Legacy’ Trailer Stands On Its Own But Never Lets You Forget Matt Damon Got There First.”

Released by Universal Pictures, “The Bourne Legacy” has an August 3, 2012 opening date in the US, according to its official website.

Watch the trailer here: