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Cong. Benaldo says wife Daiana Menezes ‘has forgiven me because she truly loves me’

Cong. Benjo Benaldo and Daiana Menezes.

Outgoing Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjo Benaldo said on Thursday that he and his wife, the Brazilian actress and model Daiana Menezes, had “settled our differences” days after she claimed on Twitter that she was suffering from “physical, sexual and emotional pain”.

“I am responding to the issues that have recently come out. I am speaking with the consent of my partner. Like any couple, Daiana and I encounter problems. We try to resolve them privately. I have apologized to her and she has accepted,” Benaldo said in a text message to News5.

He also confirmed an ABS-CBN report that they got married in civil rites in Las Vegas last December so he is not just her fiancé as widely believed.

“Daiana and I got married civilly in Las Vegas. Since then, we have been preparing for the big religious ceremony as we previously announced,” Benaldo said.

“We are together out of love. We fought because of love. She has forgiven me because she truly loves me. I am truly blessed,” he added.

The flamboyant lawmaker also appealed for understanding “on behalf of Daiana’s actions on social media”, referring to her cryptic messages on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend where she hinted that she was a victim of physical violence.

“I believe that any woman, any foreigner (woman) who might be facing a situation worse than ours must find an avenue for the redress of her grievances in our country,” Benaldo said.

“We thank our friends [and] relatives for their patience and support. We thank everyone for respecting our privacy,” he concluded.