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Daiana Menezes denies being a battered wife but resumes intriguing messages on Instagram

Daiana Menezes with husband Cong. Benjo Benaldo in a taped interview with Boy Abunda on 'The Buzz'.

No, she said she was not raped, she was not hurt, and she is not a battered wife.

That’s what Brazilian model and actress Daiana Menezes pretty much made clear in a taped interview aired on “The Buzz” Sunday.

Appearing together with her husband, outgoing Cagayan De Oro Rep. Benjo Benaldo, Daiana said she was only trying to get her husband’s attention who she said had been very busy as of late.

“We don’t really owe an explanation to anyone, but it has gotten to a point that even the government officials are asking us what’s happening. I’m aware about the DSWD. I’ve never reached out to them asking for help. Gabriela, I answered right away, No thanks, we will solve it ourselves,” she told “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda.

“I want to make it clear because some people are thinking we are seeking attention from the public. And we’re like, no, no, no, we’re just a normal couple.”
So what was all those posts about alluding to rape and domestic violence all about?

“We really had a big and huge fight,” Daiana told Abunda. That’s when Congressman Benaldo explained what happened.

“We were talking about a big problem, something that happened in the house with our people there. I was then busy campaigning and I would always tell her that I need my sleep because I’m campaigning and I have to wake up early,” he said.

“Then she would talk to me about things happening in the house. She thought I wouldn’t believe her that’s why she posted those things.”

“He said, ‘Don’t talk to me’. That’s how he would talk to me (during the campaign). It took a post para maniwala ang asawa ko at ang pamilya niya na totoo ang sinasabi ko,” Daiana added.

Neither the solon nor the actress specified what exactly was happening in their house.

As for the photo of the scarred arm that she posted and later deleted on Instagram, Daiana admitted that it was indeed her arm but it got scarred after her husband was apparently trying to stop her from something they also did not specify.

“Sometimes I have to hold her,” he admitted. “I was trying to stop her but it’s not violence or physical.”

Daiana tried to explain it further but what she said sounded both cryptic and even more intriguing. “If you’re against violence in a marital relationship, you get hurt by your husband, even if it’s very minimal. But I didn’t know that people would actually notice it.”

In her less than polished English, the Brazilian then went on to apologize to everyone who was affected by all her posts including Benaldo, .

“I regret to have brought him to any situation that may alleged him,” she said. “My apologies (to everyone) but it’s really my emotion.”

For his part, Benaldo said he wasn’t really affected by Daiana’s posts. “I know the truth,” he declared.

She told Abunda that one of the important lessons she learned in this episode is to be careful with what she says and posts online. “It’s up to the interpretation of whoever is seeing, especially people who don’t know you very well.”

However, a few hours before the taped interview aired, Daiana once again posted several bizarre messages on Instagram.

The first was a message that says, “I thought you were different. But hey, it’s not the first time I’m wrong”, which prompted one Instagram user (eleuson) to comment, “puro ka papansin”.

The second Instagram post was another intriguing message that said, “It’s bad manners to say, ‘I love you’ with a mouth full of lies”.

This was followed by a message that said, “The complete manual of Things That Might Kill You” which was accompanied by a tweet that said, “Ourselves. That’s what I’m feeling. Mali na naman?”

Another Instagram photo she posted was that of her and her mom with the caption, “Thank you mama for being at @thebuzzofficial, for traveling 3 days to get here FORGIVING HIM WHO ASKED FOR IT, #youKnowAllTheTruth … Thank you for still being there.”