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Deniece Cornejo speaks: ‘I’m the victim and the innocent one’

Vhong Navarro cries during his interview on 'Buzz ng Bayan' on Sunday. (Photo posted by Twitter user Queen Irah)

Deniece Cornejo, the 22-year-old student who had filed a complaint of attempted rape against Vhong Navarro, told GMA News TV on Monday noon that she is the victim and the innocent one in the incident that resulted in the mauling of the TV host and comedian last week.

“You want justice, I’ll give you the real justice. In the field of women’s rights, the right will always be right. Mataas ang paghanga ko sa mga lalaki na marunong rumespeto at ipagtanggol ang mga kababaihan. Kung may biktima at innocente dito, walang iba kundi ako,” Cornejo said in a text message aired on the GMA News TV program “Balitanghali”.

At this writing, she was reportedly on her way to file her complaint at the National Bureau of Investigation office in Manila.

Immediately after Navarro identified Cornejo on Sunday, netizens sympathetic to his plight wasted no time posting information and photos about her and one of the men who mauled him Wednesday night inside Cornejo’s condominium in Taguig City.

In no time, the names “Denise Millette Cornejo” and “Cedric Lee” became trending topics on Twitter as they became the objects of scorn of the fans of the embattled comedian and TV host.

In several tweets, Twitter users identified the girl Navarro was referring to in his interview with ABS-CBN’s “Buzz ng Bayan” as actually Deniece Cornejo or Deniece Milinette Cornejo.

According to the information that can be viewed on the Facebook page of this Deniece Milinette Cornejo, she is from San Mateo, California and studies at De La Salle University. Her Facebook account’s cover photo shows her lying on a large couch wearing a black cocktail dress with the caption, “Dark Closet”.

Following Navarro’s revelation, Cornejo blocked people from posting and seeing her posts in her Facebook fan page. On her supposed real Twitter account (@realdeniece), she said also deleted her previous posts and left last two tweets.

Prior to blocking her Facebook page, an intriguing photo of her posing with GMA Network chairman and CEO Felipe L. Gozon and two other elderly individuals can be viewed by anybody. In the photo caption, she referred to Gozon as “lolo”, prompting GMA’s Corporate Communications Department to issue a statement to several media outlets clarifying that Gozon is not related to Cornejo.

On Monday, singer Wency Cornejo also declared he was not related to Deniece.

A 2013 magazine article about her entitled “Good girls can finish first” written by one Pio Granada revealed more about this mysterious young lady.

Granada’s article described her as “the spitting image of Leighton Meester AKA Blair Waldorf”.

“Notorious for being the mean girl in the TV hit series Gossip Girl, her Leighton Meester association gives people the opposite impression of her true character. When you first meet Deniece you would think she has a diva attitude. However, once you start getting to know her, you will watch all your assumptions melt away as you spend more time with her,” Granada added.

The article also disclosed that Cornejo’s priority was finishing her Hotel and Restaurant Management course in La Salle. She has been tapped to endorse several brands and has even represented the Philippines in a hair and make-up competition in Indonesia.

As for showbiz association, Granada noted that Cornejo has also appeared in the ABS-CBN teleserye “Lovers in Paris” and in an episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya”.