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‘I Do Bidoo Bidoo’ gets A rating from Cinema Evaluation Board

The stars of 'I Do Bidoo Bidoo' (Eugene Domingo, Ogie Alcasid, Zsa Zsa Padilla,
and Gary Valenciano) are ecstatic about the film's rating.


The Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines awarded the highest rating of A to the movie musical, “I Do Bidoo Bidoo (Heto nAPO Sila)” on Thursday.

This was confirmed to InterAksyon by no less than the film’s director Chris Martinez during the press preview of PETA’s stage adaptation of Lino Brocka’s “Bona” at the PETA Theater  which he attended Thursday night. (His best friend and “I Do Bidoo Bidoo” star Eugene Domingo was performing the title role.)

“I-tweet nyo na,” the jubilant filmmaker urged in jest.

Philippine Star columnist Bum Tenorio, a member of the CEB, already did. “We gave ‘I Do Bidoo Bidoo’ a grade of A at the Cinema Evaluation Board today. Enjoy the movie as you sing the classic songs APO,” he announced on Twitter earlier in the day.

As provided for in Republic Act 9167 creating the FDCP and the CEB, any film that gets an A rating will be entitled to 100 percent rebate on its amusement tax.

The CEB rates films according to its quality, particularly in terms of direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing, production design, music scoring, sound and acting performances.

Cast members ecstatically tweeted their reactions.

“That is good news,” Zsa Zsa Padilla posted from Los Angeles, California where she is receiving treatment for kidney cancer.

“I DO BIDOO BIDOO was just given the highest rating “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board!!! Just found out now!!! God is “A” too or AWESOME!!,” enthused Gary Valenciano.

“Can’t get over it!!! Rated A ang #idobidobidoo ng CEB! Praise God!,” Ogie Alcasid added in his own tweet.

Ogie, who saw the film for the first time during its press preview Wednesday, could not hide how much he enjoyed the finished product.

“I’m speechless, to be honest,” he told InterAksyon. “I didn’t realize how big the film was until I saw it. Chris Martinez is a genius.”

But there’s more good news for “I Do Bidoo Bidoo.” The film’s A rating also puts it in the elite company of other A-rated films that the Film Academy of the Philippines are considering in the Best Foreign Language Film category for next year’s Academy Awards.

Late last month, the FAP announced that seven A-rated films are shortlisted for Oscar consideration, namely “Ang Sayaw Ng Daliwang Kaliwang Paa, ” “Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salong Story,” “Segunda Mano,” “A Mother’s Story,” “The Witness,” “Captive” and “Busong (Palawan Fate)”.

An eight man-committee headed by National Artist for Film Eddie Romero was formed by the FAP to oversee the selection. In addition to the seven shortlisted films, the committee announced that “other films that will get an A rating and will be commercially exhibited in August and September this year”.

Since the announcement, the CEB has given the A rating to three other films, Jose Javier Reyes’ Cinemalaya entry, “Mga Mumunting Lihim,” Star Cinema’s horror thriller, “The Healing” directed by Chito Roño, and now “I Do Bidoo Bidoo”.

Sources say that more local films, especially those that competed in the recent Cinemalaya film festival, are also scrambling to get a September playdate for their commercial run and hoping to get an A rating from the CEB as well to qualify for Oscar consideration.