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James Yap hopes to see Bimby soon before son leaves for another overseas trip with Kris Aquino

James Yap arrives at the airport on Saturday morning from Bacolod. (MJ Marfori/InterAksyon)

James Yap cut short his weekend trip to his hometown of Escalante in Bacolod and returned to Manila Saturday morning, hoping to meet his son Bimby.

The basketball star said it was his early Father’s Day wish to reunite with Bimby this weekend after a Makati court denied earlier this week a petition by his ex-wife Kris Aquino for a permanent protection order against him with regards to Bimby.

The courted granted the PPO Kris had sought against James for her own benefit.

James said he wished to see Bimby immediately because he had heard that Kris and Bimby are set to leave for another overseas trip with her elder son Joshua, after their recent two-week holiday in Europe.

He met with his lawyers led by Atty. Lorna Kapunan on Saturday to find a way for him to meet his son this weekend. He said he is also prepared to postpone his own European trip with his Italian girlfriend next week if the reunion with Bimby were to take place then.

James said he expects to face some difficulty from Kris’ camp, but he was really just excited to see his son again.

“Hindi ko na iniisip kung papahirapan nila ako. Basta ako ang iniisip ko kung paano mapapasaya ang anak ko,” he said.

James last visited Bimby in December when his alleged “overt sexual advances” to Kris happened, prompting her to file the PPO case in February.

Last month, the judge brought father and son together in  court for eight minutes, a bonding moment that convinced the social worker and the child psychologist that James did not deserve to be barred from seeing Bimby.

James told News5 he still can’t forget those eight precious minutes.

“Paglabas ko nga ng room, sabi ko haha pwede na ‘ko mamatay! Dahil… alam mo ‘yun? Sa tuwa lang, sa tuwa!” he said.

The court-mandated encounter saw James giving his 6-year-old son an iPad mini and the two of them playing a video game together.

James finds it amusing that Kris is questioning that encounter and has demanded access to the findings of the child psychologist and social worker.

“‘Yung nangyari sa loob di naman nila alam. at di naman ako gumagawa ng istorya. Ang sinasabi ko ‘yun talaga ang nangyari,” he said.

If he does meet his son this weekend or next week, James admitted that he does not know how he would reconnect with his son.

He has thought of buying him a bicycle so they could bike around the mountain trails of Rizal or La Mesa Dam.