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Jinri Park on rumored boyfriend Ramon Bautista: ‘I actually find him really attractive now’

Ramon Bautista and Jinri Park.

The latest proof that hot chicks dig funny men may well be the seemingly odd pairing of Jinri Park and Ramon Bautista.

“I think I started that. It was just a joke because I used to host a [radio] show with him,” Jinri told Edu Manzano on last Saturday’s episode of Edu’s new TV5 talk show “What’s Up, Doods?”

But the Korean radio jock, model and actress admitted that she now sees Ramon in a different light.

“Funny thing is, at first it was parang joke lang. And then you know, I actually find him really attractive now,” she said of the self-proclaimed “Internet Action Star”.

“Really? How attractive?” Edu wondered.

“From a scale of 1 to 10 — 10 being the highest — I would say 8,” she said.

To which an incredulous Edu replied, “You serious? Wow! Lucky guy!”

Jinri qualified her answer by saying, “I’m not the type who goes for physical looks… He’s so funny. And he’s very smart, too.”