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Julia Barretto unfazed by mother Marjorie’s photo scandal

Julia Barretto. (MJ Marfori/InterAksyon)

Fresh-faced 16-year-old Julia Barreto is remarkably unfazed by the controversies involving her family.

The young actress was all smiles when she faced the media on Wednesday and gamely answered all the questions the reporters threw at her.

For one, Julia shrugged off her mother Marjorie’s photo scandal. “My mother is super strong. I admire her strength. We all know naman the truth and malalampasan niya ‘yun. My gosh!” she said.

As a show of support, Julia and her siblings are planning to give Marjorie a special gift this Mother’s Day.

“My siblings and I are all planning to get her this thing that she always wanted,” she said.

The new ABS-CBN contract star is said to be the root cause of the family feud that has split the Barretto showbiz clan, pitting her aunt Gretchen and mother Marjorie on one side and her grandma Inday and aunt Claudine on the other.

The feud is believed to have started after malicious posts about Julia, which Gretchen and Marjorie reportedly blamed on Claudine, appeared in social media recently.

“I don’t think it’s because of me,” Julia said, refusing to add fuel to the fire. In fact, she misses all her aunts, including Claudine, and would not point an accusing finger at anyone in the Barretto clan.

“I love my family. I don’t wanna speak ill sa kahit kanino. Everything’s gonna be okay,” she said, optimistically. “I miss everyone. I miss them all,” she added.

Exhibiting wisdom beyond her years, Julia said these controversies only inspire her to work hard on her showbiz career and expect tougher challenges in the future.

“Hearing these things parang di ako naapektuhan. Kasi nasanay na rin ako. This will prepare me. This is the first of many. I have to be strong ’cause I’m gonna go through much more… The more I wanna push harder, the more I wanna be the positive light,” she said.

She also appreciates the support of her father, comedian Dennis Padilla, even though he is estranged from her mother.

“He’s very supportive. They’re both very supportive. Masarap ‘yung feeling to have the support of both parents,” she concluded.