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Katya Santos, Maui Taylor mentor Viva’s new batch of sexy stars

From left: Yam Concepcion, Sarah Polverini, Jef Gaitan, Carla Castelo, Alexis Navarro, and Jade Lopez are the six seductresses in training on Viva Channel's 'Pantaxa'.


Katya Santos and Maui Taylor are sizzling up the boob tube again. And they have six newcomers with them who are all hoping to follow in their footsteps to become the next “pantasya ng bayan”.

The Viva Hot Babes headliners are currently hosting “Pantaxa” (pronounced “pantasya”), a new reality show on their home studio’s recently launched cable channel, Viva Channel.

“Pantaxa” follows Katya and Maui as they mentor a bunch of new sexy stars. The twice-weekly series sees the two screen veterans putting the younger girls through various challenges and activities that test their physical, mental, and emotional capabilities to handle the demands of the path that they have chosen to take in showbiz.

“People think it’s easy being a sexy star,” Maui notes. “It’s not. Baring your body in front of the cameras for everyone to see takes a lot of courage, determination, and self-awareness.”

Katya Santos and Maui Taylor are the mentor-hosts of 'Pantaxa'.


Katya agrees. “Being sexy is not just about disrobing. It’s about making people see that there’s something beyond the flesh. Because it’s what will establish a deeper connection with the audience, which will have them wanting and coming back for more.”

Bringing out the “something beyond the flesh” is what show hopes to achieve with its six screen-seductresses-in-training.

The “Pantaxa” women of the current season are Jade Lopez, Yam Concepcion, Jef Gaitan, Alexis Navarro, Sara Polverini, and Carla Castelo.

The first few episodes saw Katya leading the girls through a lingerie pictorial, a mock TV commercial shoot for a fake brand endorsement, and a sexy music video shoot.

'Pantaxa' on location in Caramoan.


Maui has come in as a mid-season addition, joining the eposodes that were recently shot in Caramoan and the CWC complex in Camarines Sur.

These episodes promise a lot of baring and daring as the girls had to do a topless pictorial and a nude painting session, among a host of activities.

Reports from the set say that some claws have surfaced and there was some heat among some of the girls both on- and off-cam.

The 'Pantaxa' girls with Maui and Katya at the CWC in CamSur.


“Our ultimate goal, really, is to make these girls totally comfortable in their skin,” Katya says. “We want them to own their bodies. That’s the only way for them to have full control. It’s the best way to make their presence felt in anything that they do, whether it’s a pictorial or a live event or a movie.”

Next: solo shots of the “Pantaxa” girls in lingerie and swimwear. First, Alexis Navarro.