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Korean rapper Psy to join Erap on campaign trail in March?

Psy. (Reuters)

Amid reports that former president and now Manila mayoralty bet Joseph Estrada plans to use Psy’s monster hit “Gangnam Style” in his campaign sorties, the promoter of the Korean superstar’s post-Valentine concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena mentioned something that thickened the plot.

At the press conference for Psy’s February 16 show Tuesday, the topic eventually shifted to the extent of Psy’s stay here after his concert. That’s Ntertainment’s Joed Serrano said that because of the rapper’s busy schedule, he is scheduled to leave the following day.

However, Serrano added that there’s a chance the K-Pop phenomenon may be back here as early as March.

And for what purpose? “Para sa mga mae-Erap,” Serrano casually volunteered.

“Para sa mga mahihirap,” he later corrected himself, implying that Psy may do a show for the masses who could not afford to buy the pricey tickets for the February 16 show. The promoter did not elaborate.

“Erap Para Sa Mahirap” was the famous campaign slogan that catapulted Estrada to the presidency back in 1998.

Estrada, who rose to the Presidency in 1998 but was ousted from power three years later, is running for mayor in Manila against incumbent Alfredo Lim.