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Kris Lawrence proud to be father of Katrina’s baby

MANILA, Philippines – Eight days after actress Katrina Halili admitted that she is three months pregnant, singer Kris Lawrence gave a live interview on Sunday and said he is proud to be the baby’s father. 

Speaking on the GMA talk show “S Files,” Kris denied rumors that he had any doubts about who the father is. 

“Never akong nagduda. It sucks that some people would make something negative out of something positive,” he lamented to “S Files” co-host Pia Guanio.   

The soft-spoken singer, who was visibly nervous on only the second live interview of his career, addressed Katrina and declared his feelings for her. 

“Kat, mahal na mahal kita. Sobrang proud ako na ikaw ang ina ng magiging anak ko. I promise hindi kita iiwan,” he said to the cheers of the studio audience. 

In 2009, the singer famously stood by Katrina’s side when she was embroiled in a sex video scandal with Hayden Kho, the boyfriend of Katrina’s skin care and cosmetic surgery sponsor, Dr. Vicki Belo.

But they split up one year later and were not reported to have reconciled. 

“I never left her,” Kris said. “In 2010, she asked for space. We were separated for six or seven months. But after that we found our way to each other again.”

Kris said he and Katrina have no immediate plans to get married. 

“No rush. We’re gonna take care of the baby. 

“We love each other. That’s all that matters. It’s a mutual decision,” he said.

The couple live near each other but stay in separate homes in New Manila in Quezon City. 

Kris said he always spends his spare time with Katrina, though he revealed that she can be emotionally sensitive.

“She loves to cook. So I help her cook. Sometimes she doesn’t want to see me, so I leave,” he shared. 

Kris’s mother, Mrs. Tina Cadevida, also spoke from her home in California and expressed her joy at the prospect of being a grandmother.