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Lea Salonga mounts staunch defense of Lady Gaga on Twitter


Guess who’s risen up in support of Lady Gaga.

It’s no less than world-class singer, Tony awardee, and Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Lea Salonga.

Lea, who has become a formidable presence on Twitter with her insightful opinions on a wide array of issues, came to the defense of Lady Gaga and her two-night concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena starting Monday, with a series of articulate tweets.

When asked by a Twitter follower if she is against Lady Gaga or against her for having a concert here, Lea tweeted on Monday, “Oh heck, no. I’m not for censorship or banning of artists. To censor freedom of expression? All artists will feel the heat.”

Elaborating further, she tweeted, “If you protest one artist, everything and everyone else then becomes ripe for similar criticism. And that’s a can of worms I dare not open.”

Her reply to the tweets of director Joey Reyes and Rock Ed Radio host Gang Badoy on the groups calling for a boycott of the Lady Gaga concert showed her biting wit, “Whatever happened to common sense? Methinks it has become more uncommon. Haaaaaaaay.”

To Martin Nievera who tweeted, “With all this hype about Lady Gaga more will be intrigued to watch. Then what?” Lea replied, “Exactly. The less one makes of a situation, the less curious others would be to meddle.”

Later, she added, “Lady Gaga wins. All this protesting and brouhaha only got her free publicity, numerous Google searches, and more tickets sold.”

To talent manager Girlie Rodis who posted a news link about the organizer (Ovation Productions) declaring there’s nothing vulgar about Lady Gaga’s concert, Lea said, “Perhaps her intent isn’t vulgar, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. And people will see what they wanna see.”

Lea continued her staunch defense of the controversial singer with this series of tweets:

“What I’ll see as obscene might not be to someone else. It’s subjective.”

“Back in the day, even The Beatles were subjected to this same criticism that Lady Gaga is going through.”

“But that’s the nature of art. It’s all open to interpretation. All of it. What one sees as benign, another will see as evil.”

“There’s that old adage: I don’t agree what what you’re saying, but I’ll defend your right to say it.”

“Another comparison: I see an artistic gymnastics competition. A pedophile will see it as opportunity for a solitary lewd act.”

On Lady Gaga’s controversial song “Judas”, Lea tweeted the following comments:

“I just read the lyrics of @ladygaga’s Judas. This whole protest against it is much ado about nothing.”

“I had to search for the Judas video to see what the fuss is about. Though some of the images are clearly not for kids, it’s not satanic.”

“The song is a metaphor for the singer’s attraction for what is bad for her. If we take it literally, Jesus still ends up on top.”

Summing up why Lady Gaga is taking all this heat from conservative sectors, Lea tweeted, “Wisdom from my mother: Hindi binabato ang punong walang bunga. (No one throws stones at a tree without fruit.)”

Aside from Lea, other celebrities like Iya Villania, Agot Isidro, Jim Paredes, Leah Navarro, Ruffa Gutierrez and Christale Belo also defended Lady Gaga on Twitter and received mostly praises for their views.

None of the feedback, however, was more hilarious than this tweet of the famous Fake Marian Rivera Twitter user (@superstarmarian): “ang talino ng mga opinyon ni ate lea salonga abt d lady gaga isyu. dat is y she continusly grows as an artist. NAKS INGLISH!”