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Marc and Kat stay ahead of the pack on ‘Amazing Race PH’, Alabang housewives exit

Gym buddies Marc Dungo and Kat Tan have kept their lead since Leg 1 of the race.


Some teams have all the luck. Others eventually run out of it.

That’s what happened to gym buddies Marc and Kat and Alabang housewives Pamela and Vanessa, respectively, at the end of the exciting fourth leg of TV5’s “The Amazing Race Philippines”.

For the fourth straight leg, Marc and Kat once again finished first in the designated pit stop at the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio, bringing their cash winnings to P800,000, all courtesy of American Tourister. If they win another leg, their total earnings would be P1 million, half of the P2 million up for grabs.

And they’ve done it with a combination of teamwork, consistency and, yes, luck. Staying for hours in the gym has certainly paid off for the pair as they hurdled such tasks carrying a sack of 20 kilos of rice on their way to the Mountain Province pit stop in Leg 3, physically carrying a heavy block of gold bullion out of a mine and negotiating 215 steps on their way up to the Lourdes Grotto while remembering to count their steps.

If those tasks were physically exhausting for them, it certainly didn’t show as they continued to keep their lead, that all-important head start and as a bonus, they even won an Express Pass in Leg 3 that they can use to skip any single task, be it a Roadblock, Detour or any other miscellaneous task.

As commanding and as insurmountable their lead seems to be at this point, it’s not like the other teams have no chance of posing a serious challenge.

Any team who uses their Yield can slow Marc and Kat down during Leg 3. Amigas Saida and Jervi had that chance and being afraid of karma, opted not to. Their “good deed” did not totally go unrewarded as they ended up in 2nd place at the end of Leg 4 but they could have won the P200,000 that went to Marc and Kat.

Boom and Cheng also blew their Yield on LJ and CJ, who eventually caught up with them at the Baguio stage of Leg 4.

“Karma! Payback is a bitch!”, CJ exclaimed to the surprised magkumpares after the celebrity best friends beat them to the task of pairing 10 scattered shoes at the BM Parungao Shoe Store in the City of Pines. But the ladies did not get the number of steps right at the pit stop the first time out. And that cost them 3rd place which went to, yes, Boom and Cheng.

Bombshells Dani and Mish, who managed a 5th place finish, had their own issue against the smart alecky competitors who left them at the mines as the two argued that four people are not allowed to travel on the same vehicle.

“They’re really smart guys and they’re really slick”, Mish said, grudgingly acknowledging the strategy of Boom and Cheng in doing what it takes to win the race.

Sheena and Gee, who seems to be the only team constantly enjoying their participation of the race regardless of how well they do in the tasks or how they finish in the pit stop, salvaged a respectable 6th place finish and still found the energy to dance in celebrating their feat.

The underachieving Fausto and Dayal, who many thought would actually do better, had the right idea as well and actually had a taste of the lead at the start of the challenge at Balatoc Mines. But their lack of coordination and cohesiveness as a team ultimately got the better of them.

Fausto and Dayal arrived third at the Lourdes Grotto but their inability to count the steps right forced them to repeat the tasks several times and allowed the others to catch up. By the time they got 215 steps right, they could only do no better than 7th place.

And whatever happened to the father and daughter team of Ed and Angel? Age seemed to have caught up with Mang Ed from Leg 3. Their patience continued to pay off and they also seemed to be having fun but Mang Ed gave both Angel and the TV viewers a scare after stopping midway through the steps of Lourdes Grotto to rest.

“Medyo hiningal ako”, the old man admitted. They eventually continued and got the number of steps right in their first attempt, still good for an elimination-avoiding 8th place finish.

Which brings us now to Pamela and Vanessa.

As lucky as they had been in the non-elimination Leg 3 when they finished last but still stayed in the race, lightning did not strike twice for Pamela and Vanessa on Leg 4 as host Derek Ramsay mercifully eliminated them from the race.

Behind by more than three hours at the start of Leg 3, it would’ve taken nothing short of a miracle for them to catch up with the others. They actually looked relieved and happy that it was all over when Derek gave them the bad news.

“Mahirap, hindi puro sarap ang race na ito,” Pamela replied when asked by Derek what they learned from their participation. “Proud na proud pa rin kami at meron naman din naman kaming naipakitang talent na nakita ng mga viewers. Inabot din naman namin ang kaya naming abutin”.

With the elimination of the Alabang housewives, it’s time for things to get serious on “The Amazing Race Philippines”, and it already appears that way at the start of Leg 5 in Subic when teams used their Yield on both Marc and Kat and Dani and Mish.

Strangely, the personal grudges of certain teams are keeping Marc and Kat in the lead. Boom and Cheng once again used their Yield on CJ and LJ, while Saida and Jervi once again spared Marc and Kat from their Yield which they and two other teams used on the current 6th placers Dani and Mish.

And let’s not forget that Marc and Kat still have an unused Express Pass that they can use to skip a task and get back to the driver’s seat. As the current leg involves a task that include feeding a hungry tiger to get to their next clue, it would be interesting what the teams would do in order to either win the next pit stop or just avoid elimination.

“The Amazing Race Philippines” airs Mondays to Fridays at 9PM and Saturdays at 8:30PM on TV5.