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Queenierich Rehman ready to become first ever beatboxing Miss World

Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman (Rhoy O. Cobilla)


By this time, Miss World Philippines Queenierich Rehman should be settling down in a place she will call home for the next 32 days as she represents the country in the coming Miss World 2012 on August 18 in Ordos, China.

Given the ongoing territorial disputes between China and the Philippines, Queenie knows that she does not only need to put her best foot forward but also to be on her best behavior.

“Because of the controversy, I know I need to be more friendly and extra-courteous to the Chinese people,” the 24-year old beauty queen told InterAksyon.

Beyond that not-so-minor detail, Queenie is confident that she has been extensively trained and motivated enough to become the country’s first ever Miss World titleholder.

“After the coronation night, it’s just been so super busy for me, I’ve had no time for my friends, my family. All of my time is for Miss World,” she revealed. “My training sessions include fittings, make-up, catwalk, personality development, talent and for the cultural dance segment.”

Aside from her training sessions with Jonas Gaffud, who also trained Miss World 2011 1st Princess Gwendoline Ruais, Queenie also went through a special training devoted to her unique talent of beatboxing.

For the uninitiated, beatboxing is defined as the art of vocal percussions by producing drum beats, rhythm and musical sounds using one’s mouth. It is a talent that Miss World Philippines franchise owner Cory Quirino and members of Queenie’s court believe would make her stand out from the rest.

“Never in the history of beauty pageants that there is a beauty queen who beatboxes. I would be the first,” she enthused.

Aside from Quirino, Ruais and her court, Queenie has no shortage of well-meaning friends and advisers who all want her to do exceptionally well on the prestigious international pageant.

“Miss Gwen told me to just be myself, be confident at all times and be close to (Miss World organization president Julia Morley) and get her heart,” she recalled. “She also told me to be always on my guard as the candidates are not only judged on coronation night but also during the daily activities by our respective chaperones.”

Quirino, who personally prepared Queenie for the pageant’s crucial Question and Answer portion, added that the fetching looker from Las Piñas also needs to comply with certain requirements of the pageant.

“All candidates need to bring a specimen of three beautiful rocks from their respective countries that will form a world rock garden, a book on the Philippines which is also why she also had a refresher course in Philippine history, and of course her own gift that will form part of the auction during the Miss World Gala Night.”

Miss World Philippines 1st Princess Mary Ann Ross Misa, who has been friends with Queenie since they were 10, also had high hopes for the latter’s chances of coming out on top in China.

“This (winning the pageant) has been our dream since we were kids, and we’re happy that we’re both here and that she was chosen to represent our country. I know there’s a lot of pressure on her, but I know that she’s excited, she has that fire in her eyes and everybody believes in her. I believe in her,” Mary Ann emphatically said.

Regardless of what happens in China, however, Queenie intends to pursue her “ultimate dream” of becoming a singer once her Miss World obligations are behind her.

“Maybe I’ll try hosting for a few months then I’ll pursue my dreams, I hope to record an album where I can showcase both my singing and my beatboxing abilities. I’ve also always wanted to be a flight attendant. After my reign, maybe I’ll apply at Philippine Airlines as well,” she said.