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Ricky Lo ‘amused’ by bashers over awkward interview with Anne Hathaway

Screenshot of Anne Hathaway from the video of her interview with Ricky Lo.

Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo told News5 in a phone interview on Monday that he was amused rather than offended by the negative reactions of many netizens to his awkward interview with Oscar-nominated actress Anne Hathaway.

The veteran journalist was lambasted by many commenters on YouTube and on social media over the weekend, calling his four-minute face time with the “Les Miserables” star “disastrous” and “cringe-worthy”.

Lo’s questions about Hathaway’s drastic weight loss for “Les Miserables” and real-life experience with poverty and hunger offended the actress. In the end, she became totally hostile by refusing his standard request to talk to the camera and invite Filipino viewers to watch the film.

Lo said he had interviewed hundreds of celebrities both local and foreign, and such a chilly reception from an interviewee was nothing new to him.

This was already his second one on one interview with Hathaway. The first came in 2001 for “The Princess Diaries”. If an opportunity arises, he said he wouldn’t mind interviewing her again.

Those who blame only Lo for the conduct of his interview with Hathaway might be interested to know that a significant fraction of the blogosphere finds the actress “insufferable” and “annoying”.

An article in The Daily Beast said “an ever-growing, ever-snarkier army of entertainment bloggers”, whom it called “The Cult of Hathahaters”, was turned off by her acceptance speech after winning Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes.

“It was a speech carefully crafted to come off as surprised and humbled, but was instead so carefully rehearsed that it was branded contrived and a tad pretentious,” noted the article.