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VIDEO | Derek Ramsay signals start of ‘Amazing Race Philippines’

The long wait will soon be over. As the teaser video above clearly shows, the premiere season of “The Amazing Race Philippines” is almost upon us.

After four seasons of watching Filipinos compete in “The Amazing Race Asia”, the Philippines gets its own franchise this year courtesy of ActiveTV (producer of “The Amazing Race Asia” and “The Amazing Race Australia”) and TV5.

“Race safe, race hard, race fast,” the host, Kapatid hunk Derek Ramsay, tells the 10 teams of two Filipino citizens/Philippine residents who were chosen from a series of auditions last summer and took part in a race that took them across the archipelago from late April through June.

“It’s not true that it has been delayed,” Derek said of the reality game show that will premiere on October 29.

“The truth is, the show has a lot of material, mostly top-secret stuff that I can’t talk about. But when we shot that, tuloy-tuloy, hindi pwedeng chopsuey. The cameras were rolling 24/7. Wala talagang pahinga,” he said in a recent interview with InterAksyon.

“Our shoot for ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’ was so grueling we didn’t get to appreciate the beautiful places that we went to because pukpukan, pukpukan, pukpukan. And they have to edit all that material and that took a while,” he further explained.

Based on the teaser alone, the show looks worth the wait.