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VIDEO | Mga kapitbahay! Mga bro! ‘Bourne Legacy’ clip raises anticipation with Tagalog scenes


MANILA, Philippines – “Hinto, huminto ka!” a Manila cop tells Dr. Stephanie Snyder (played by Rachel Weisz) in a vain attempt to stop her escape down a narrow alleyway.

Earlier, a woman squealed: “Mga kapitbahay! Pulis! Pulis!” as she alerted the cops of Aaron Cross’s (Jeremy Renner) whereabouts.

The 81-second clip shows the mysterious agent nimbly manoeuvring through the rusty corrugated iron roofs and jumping between shanty homes to evade the arresting officers.

It ends with Cross beating the hell out of the gun-toting parak, but not before dropping through the narrow eskinita, to rescue his frightened maiden.

The latest clip from the highly anticipated “Bourne Legacy” film was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday and quickly went viral, thanks mostly to avid Filipinos thrilled to hear a mainstream Hollywood film with Pinoy movie lines.

The scene was shot earlier this year in the slums of Manila and cast some Filipino indie and theater actors.

“Bourne Legacy” will have its Asian premiere at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City on August 5, five days ahead of its opening date in North American theaters.