ANO’NG AYOS NA SULIT? | ‘Honda’ is most searched item in Philippines’ e-Commerce sites

Honda cars. AFP file photo

MANILA, Philippines — The year 2012 saw a sudden boom in the burgeoning e-Commerce landscape in the Philippines, headlined by the intensifying rivalry between two of the country’s biggest online classifieds site — and — which tried to outdo each other both in the services they offered as well as in online and offline promotions.

But though the two online marketplaces are in competition over customer preferences and Web traffic, the two sites shared the same most searched item in their respective databases for 2012 in the form of car manufacturer Honda, which topped both lists provided by and to

Alhough not the bestselling car brand in the Philippines, Honda enjoys a comfortable spot on top of Filipino car buyers’ minds along with other Asian car manufacturers such as Toyota, Isuzu and Hyundai.

The rest of’s top searches for 2012 are as follows:

2. iPhone 4S – The last smartphone launched before inimitable Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed on is the second most searched item on the country’s most popular website.

3. Mitsubishi Lancer – The popular sedan from Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi that can easily transport a whole family is also popular among Filipino online consumers.

4. iPhone 4 – Even if it’s two generations away from the current mdoel, the iPhone 4 — launched as far back as 2010 — is still among the most searched smartphone this year.

5. Apartment – These days, apartment-hunting no longer involves walking miles on foot and personally asking the landlady about the unit since most vacancies are already posted online, complete with photos and contact information.

6. Mountain Bike – Cars are not the only form of transport gaining popular attention from Pinoy online buyers these days, as these bicycles made for the rough terrain are becoming popular as well.

7. Toyota Corolla – Toyota’s Vios may be the most popular car brand in the country today but the 90′s favorite Corolla is still among the most searched items in the Philippines, perhaps due to second-hand buyers and sellers.

8. Honda Jazz – The spacious yet compact Jazz is also one of the more popular models in the country, perhaps due to its affordable price, which is just above a notch higher than the crowd favorite Honda City.

9. Honda City – Currently the most affordable Honda in the country, the City is an obvious choice for car buyers who would like to come close to the glam and elegance of the Civic without having to shell out a million to pay for it.

10. Owner-type Jeep – These four-wheeled metal road warriors may have waned in popularity in recent years, but it turns out that many Pinoys who don’t want to shell out an arm and a leg for a car would still prefer to own a piece of the owner-type jeep.

An "Owner"-type jeep posted for sale at

Here are the rest of’s most searched for 2012:

2. Owner-type Jeep – While this vehicle rounded up’s top ten list for 2012, the owner-type jeep ranks second in the top searches of, proving Pinoys’ preference for these locally-made automobiles.

3. PSP (PlayStation Portable) – Even as smartphones and tablets have emerged to become two of the most popular gaming devices around, the classic allure and exclusive games offered by Sony’s’ PlayStation Portable handheld console remains an obvious choice for many Pinoys.

4. iPhone – Pinoys are known to be Android lovers, but a significant many still can’t shake of the feeling of wanting to go for Apple’s iconic smartphone which, despite improvements in rival phone models, is still among the top choices among local consumers.

5. Deca Homes – Deca Homes is one of the more popular low-cost housing developers in the country with properties located in Cavite, Davao, and Cebu, among others.

6. Bike – Though cars are the most searched forms of transportation in the country, the fuel-free, foot-powered humble bike is also slowly gaining prominence among Pinoy consumers.

7. Cabinet – It used to be that Paco is the go-to place for buyers who want cheap or custom-made cabinets, but now that the marketplace is online, Pinoys have also taken to searching for cabinets and other furniture in

8. Chow-Chow – The dog that looks more like a small bear is apparently a hit among Pinoy dog lovers, and the convenience of selling and buying pets online merely indicated that this golden-haired canine is the most popular among all breeds.

9. Sofa – Furniture is one of the more long-lasting items in any household, so it’s no surprise that this living-room staple is among the most popular items in the classifieds marketplace.

10. Watch – It used to be that Pinoys’ penchant for being late has been so labeled as “Filipino Time,” but if the tenth most searched item on’s list is any indication, looks like those buying their own sets of timepieces are trying to make up for, well, lost time.