CES 2017 | Selfie drones, personal robots, VR, center stage at Las Vegas tech show

A selfie-taking drone that follows and photographs its owner and a home robot that plays music and keeps you company are just some of the latest technological innovations at CES Las Vegas. Reuters’ Jim Drury reports.

Selfie drones already exist, but Zero Zero Robotics says its new ‘Hover Camera Passport’ is the best of its kind. Image recognition software allows the drone’s camera to spot its owner and search for them.

“This is actually a flying robot, it’s a flying piece of artificial Intelligence, it’s like your personal photographer, it follows you around and records your life,” Mengqiu Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics, saying.

It’s one of thousands of new products on display at the world’s biggest tech event CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – in Las Vegas. Virtual reality products, such as the Hypersuit, remain popular with visitors. A VR simulator, it uses a movable ‘exoskeleton’ to allow users to experience flight, without leaving the house.

“We wanted to create the first vehicle for VR, sort of hybrid vehicle that allows you to do what ever you want to do, so you can for example fly, or you can dive, or ride, or anything that you dream to do that like regular people can’t do, because it’s too extreme or it’s impossible even for humanity,” Tom Sicard, co-founder and CEO of Hypersuit, saying.

Tech shows aren’t complete without personal robots, like Kuri, from Mayfield Robotics.

“This is ‘Kuri’, he’s a programable, very smart robot who is super adorable, Hi Kuri. You can have him play hide and seek with your kids, let you know when your wife gets home, or play NPR and follow you around in the morning as you get ready,” Michael Beebe, CEO Mayfield Robotics, saying.

Exhibitors have until January 8 to make sure their product takes flight.