Cloud computing drives Motech Automotive business further

Netsuite media briefing: Reginald Singh (seated), NetSuite vice president for Asia with Eugene Naguiat, president and chief executive of Motech Automotive.

One of the secrets in longevity homegrown automotive company Motech has under its chassis is its ability to replicate its business over and over.

Built in 1977, Motech has undeniably grown from its humble seven stores to 34 stores and 28 franchises nationwide.

This exponential growth, according to Eugene Naguiat, president and chief executive of Motech Automotive, is attributed to their adoption of cloud computing in their business transactions and operations through NetSuite OneWorld.

NetSuite OneWorld is one of the flagships products of NetSuite, one of the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites.

“With NetSuite OneWorld, our company was able to streamline business processes simultaneously across six different retail outlets throughout the country without any on-site footprints and any additional infrastructure,” claimed Naguiat. “Handling our back end operations became easy and seamless because of the agility, flexibility, and scalability of operations NetSuite OneWorld, which gave us the opportunity to overhaul our business model to become modern and compact.”

After realizing that their old software environment could not realize their goal of expansion, Naguiat felt that it was time to adopt to a more advanced IT solution that would help their business grow, without the hassle of having to update the costly infrastructures they were already maintaining.

“NetSuite OneWorld helped us in reducing instances of duplicate data entry and lack of visibility across their expanse of businesses,” added Naguiat. “It also meant lower cost for IT maintenance requirements because of the unification of the overall business process. NetSuite has really given us the agility to be creative in the business and run everything efficiently on the same platform.”

Through their continual subscription to cloud computing services, Motech forecasts an increase in their number of retail outlets to 56 stores by 2017 with a goal of 100 locations within the next three years.

“The flexibility, agility and visibility we have with NetSuite OneWorld has been a key driver, if not the main driver, in our continual growth,” Naguiat added.