Entertainment group lobbying to have Filipino movies on iTunes

MANILA, Philippines — An industry group in the entertainment circle is in talks to have Filipino films in legal online media sites as a way to prod online users to consume copyrighted materials through lawful means.

Marivic Benedicto, chairman of the Philippine Association of Record Industry (PARI), said that they are now “in talks with aggregators like iTunes and Orchard.”

“What we really want to do first is to put Filipino movies on iTunes,” Benedicto said in a press conference marking the World Intellectual Property Day.

The only problem that they are facing, however, is the technical specifications required by such online media services.

Mataas kasi (they high [bit rate]) quality nila while while most of our films are not made to that standard. There’s a lot of adjustments on quality. They have a certain bitrate (requirement),” Benedicto said.

Currently, Benedicto said that there are only two movies available for download on iTunes.

Ricardo Blancaflor, director general of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL). Inter

New business model

In the same vein, Ricardo Blancaflor, director general of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Philippines, urged the local entertainment industry to find a new business model that could pull users away from online piracy.

“We need a new business model. The production side should also learn how to change their business model,” Blancaflor said.

Blancaflor cited as examples: Netflix — a successful online provider of media content available in the US and parts of Europe, and Spotify, a music streaming application that launched in the Philippines last month. Aside from luring customers away from piracy, Blancaflor said that such online services will also help market local content to the world.

“The most important thing is that they will get noticed by the world,” Blancaflor said.