Ex-Viva Hot Babe Asia Agcaoili reveals ties to Megaupload

MANILA, Philippines — Former actress, TV host and Viva Hot Babe Asia Agcaoili has revealed her ties to cashiered cyberlocker Megaupload in an article she wrote for the January 2013 issue of FHM Philippines.

Although it was an editor’s comment that named Megaupload, Asia shared details of her life after she left showbiz and stopped writing her popular sex column in FHM — including her long association with the file sharing site whose controversial founder, Kim Dotcom, is married to a Filipina.

“Well, from Manila I moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I lived for two years,” she said, adding that she got married there and had a son. Her husband, whom she did not name in her article, is Bram van der Kolk — a handsome Dutchman often described as a dead ringer for Matt Damon. Bram is also the chief programmer for Megaupload, which the US government took down last year with a massive copyright infringement indictment.

Now 29, Asia calls herself “a full-time housewife and mother” –except her household is far from ordinary. In 2009, she moved to New Zealand with Bram and their son Xander and lived in Kim Dotcom’s lavish mansion just outside Auckland.

In the early hours of January 20, 2012, that mansion became the scene of an FBI-sponsored commando-style raid that shut down Dotcom’s internet empire, seized all his company’s assets and saw his arrest, along with Bram and several others.

“That day was very traumatic for me,” Asia admitted. Initially, being “woken up by a man in police uniform” appealed to her naughty side.

“I thought my husband [had] hired a male stripper to perform a dance routine, and then realized after a few hours that it was not a joke at all,” she said.

That raid was subsequently declared illegal by a New Zealand court. Dotcom and his co-accused are fighting extradition to the US. On Sunday, he held a grand launch for a new content storage service called Mega, which technology blog Gizmodo has called “maybe the most private, invincible file-sharing service of all time”.

Asia, center, and Kim Doctom’s wife Mona, left, watch the launching ceremony for cloud storage service Mega at the Dotcom mansion in New Zealand on Sunday. (Reuters)

This recent photo shows three former FHM sex columnists -- Juliana Palermo, Paloma Esmeria, and Asia Agcaoili -- together at the Dotcom mansion in New Zealand. Photo from Paloma's Facebook account

Asia finds plenty of excitement in her husband’s working environment because she considers herself a “sapiosexual”, someone aroused by intelligence.

“I feel like I am constantly being zapped, weakened, and attacked by the wicked, mind-boggling insights, humor, and innovative ideas these men would discuss in front of me. Like a Tantra goddess, I feel the display of masculinity and femininity in everything they do or say. I absolutely enjoy it. I see myself as truly blessed somehow,” she said.

As for female company, Asia is not the only FHM babe in the Mega mansion. Dotcom’s young wife, Mona, had also posed for the magazine before she met the Megaupload founder.

Actress Juliana Palermo — a former FHM cover girl and the sex columnist who preceded Asia — worked as Mona’s executive assistant for two years until the raid last year and was rehired recently.

Yet another former FHM cover girl and sex columnist, Paloma Esmeria, was invited by Mona to the Mega launch and has posted several photos of the event on her Facebook account, including the one below.