GADGETS | Quickie review: Focal Sphear

Focal Sphear

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What is it?

An in-ear monitoring (IEM) device by France-based audio technology manufacturer Focal.

The Sphere is the one and only in-ear model in their hi-fidelity, high-resolution line of headphones.

It also has a built-in microphone so you could accept calls and a remote control for music playback. Compatible with most mobile devices using using a 3.5mm jack running on Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Google Android, and of course digital music players.

Who is it for??

From the onset, Focal targets audiophiles, making an expensive choice for those with truly discriminating taste when it comes high-fidelity sound quality.

With a comfortable fit, the Sphear produces clean, clear, and well-balanced sound no audiophile will be able to ignore. For the regular music consumers, this will certainly equate to a better, if not the best, listening experience.

Its build and design is very classy, definitely worthy of the amount you paid for it.

Focal Sphear

The good

Incredible sound quality
Included accessories
Focal brand

The bad


Our verdict

Despite the price you’ll never go wrong with the Focal Sphear.

As an in-ear headphones, it’s actually one of the best in-ears you can get for P5,000. In fact, Focal sells a $4,000 headphones under the name Utopia, so we think $100 is more than a bargain, it’s a steal!

Focal Sphear with complete accessories

If you got the cash and planning to get a hi-res in-ear headphones that can give you the best sound quality you haven’t experienced before, look no further than the Focal Sphear.

Focal Sphear quick specs:

Type – High-resolution in-ear headphones
Driver (speaker) size – 10.80 mm
Min frequency response – 20 Hz
Max frequency response – 20 kHz
Connectivity – Wired
Plug type – 3.5mm
Impedance – 16 Ohm
Microphone – On cable
Cable length – 1.2m
Weight – 15g
Accessories – 3x silicone tips (sizes S/M/L); 3 x memory foam tips (sizes S/M/L); 1 x Aircraft adapter; 1 x Carrying case

SRP: P4,590 (previously P7,900)