Is this the official promo video for the iPhone 5?

From the initial looks of this YouTube video going around the Web purporting to be a promo material for the upcoming iPhone 5, it very well may be.

It has the typical elements of a promo video coming out of the Cupertino-based tech company’s studios: simplistic design, sharp focus on features, and a jolly, feel-good background music.

The full 2-minute, 25-second video also features the most prevalent iPhone 5 rumors there is to date: the taller, 4-inch widescreen display; the thinner, unibody build; the smaller, 9-pin dock connector; and 4G-LTE connectivity support.

And while the video had us convinced up to that point thanks to incredible 3D imagery, there are still a few alarm bells that had us scratching our heads in disbelief.

This includes the fingerprint scanning as a phone-unlock method embedded into the home button of the new iPhone, as well as the iOS 6 software enhancement called Mission Control (taken from the Mac OS X line), which according to further research remains to be a user interface concept that has not been highlighted in early iOS6 developer versions.