Meet the new Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad was launched last week in different markets including Singapore and Hong Kong. Because our neighbors were able to get stocks we didn’t have any problem securing a unit rather quickly compared to the previous iPad launches.

What’s so special about the new iPad? I’d like to focus on three key features: Retina Display, 5-MP camera with advanced optics, and the A5X Chip.

Retina display
The Retina Display is a major feature of the new iPad because it enhances the most used part of the iPad: the screen. The question you probably want to ask though is if the difference is noticeable. The answer is a resounding YES. The new iPad delivers clearer and crispier images and text making the over-all tablet experience much more enjoyable.


5-megapixel camera
One major complaint about tablets is that they usually have lousy cameras. That changed though with the camera in the new iPad. The 5-megapixel camera has really good optics. You can actually take decent photos with your iPad! Here are two sample shots:

I still don’t see myself using the iPad primarily as a camera since anyone will look weird waving around a 10.1-inch tablet to take pictures. If the need ever arises though, at least the pictures that will come out are good, especially in nice lighting conditions.

A5X chip
The new A5X chip brings a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics to the iPad. What does this mean? Pretty simple: faster loading time, less delays and lags, and smoother animations, especially in graphic-intensive applications (aka games).

Playing Infinity Blade II on the new iPad is a ridiculously surreal experience. After playing for a few minutes I had to stop and just be amazed at how awesome gaming is on the new iPad.

What about LTE?
We’re still confirming if SMART’s network is compatible with the new iPad’s LTE radio. As soon as we know we’ll post an update. (Smart has already confirmed earlier that the new iPAD LTE feature will work locally. InfotechEd.)

The new iPad is expected to hit the Philippines soon since it’s already in the market of our neighboring countries. We can wholeheartedly recommend this to owners of the 1st generation iPad and those who don’t own an iPad yet.

For those who have the iPad 2 you can probably wait it out unless you sell your iPad 2 so that you just have to add a few thousand bucks to get the new iPad when it comes out. 

PS: We wrote an unboxing article of the new iPad with pictures and videos over at



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